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With unique business needs and goals, Custom Development is one of the most demanding services every business these days requires to cater the best to their targeted audience, irrespective of industry types.

What is custom software development?

Answering this question: Designing customer-specific software with end-to-end personalized deployment of features, Techouts offers Custom Development service to businesses in various domains. Unlike commercial off-the-shelf Software serving a mass market, custom development software is exceptionally designed to cater to individual business needs.

Notability of custom development service for a digital business

In the era of digital disruption, Techouts has set an example pleasing its customers in various perspectives of business enablement. The development of personalized software specifically designed for unique businesses has worked wonders in transforming the bond between seller and buyer. Giving a strong push to the overall growth of business, custom product development is the most significant service that every business is looking for today. It not only assists the doers of the development process, it also benefits the businesses by reaching out to their customers, efficiently.

Why do companies need custom software?

Amplifying mid-sized and large enterprises, Techouts emphasizes the below 4 outcomes of custom development service

  • Risk management
  • Bundle of benefits
  • Quality assured project delivery
  • Budget worthy

Our Custom Development Service is strategic:

Open-source custom development

Techouts also holds expertise in Open-source software development, where the software code will be publicly available to the user under an open-source license agreement. It allows the us-ers to modify their work or activities without relying on any third-party intervention.

With Open-source custom development, you will acquire:

  • Quality software
  • Zero vendor
  • Low cost of integration
  • Effortless license setup
  • Seamlessly scalable

We have assisted:

  • BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) industries: Sensing the need of freedom for the users in BFSI sectors, we developed an open-source software and code, where the users can easily access customer data to offer them customized offers.
  • B2B businesses: Software downloading and installation could be a relief if you opt for Open-source software. So, it is a real benefit for B2Bs, as it is easy to save on heavy start-up charges.
  • ISVs (Independent Software Vendors): We created secure open-source software with an independent code base to enhance the efficiency of the ISVs, which in turn helped them to serve their customers the best.

Agile Development:

Smart businesses adopt a flexible approach:

Instead of following a pre-documented process for a project execution, agile development in custom software development segregates the business requirements into segments. Now an individual team; scrum team will be assigned to each of the segments, especially dedicated to accomplishing the complex target set by those segments. Every scrum team will be managed by a scrum master, who reports to the project manager, handling the whole project. As a final submission, the project manager then intimates the delivery manager about the smooth and successful closure of the project.

With Agile development, Techouts has formulated software which are;
  • Feedback oriented
  • Time-effective
  • User-centric
  • Revenue-focused
  • Exclusively tailored

The approach we follow at Techouts is top-notch!

We have nurtured our plan to develop custom software in a designed manner, which gives us the capability to meet our customer needs, just in time!

  • DevOps has a phenomenal contribution to developing custom software. With a strategic merger of the development and operation teams at Techouts, we focus on continuous deployment as well as steady execution of various operations concurrently. With neat integration of IT operation with DevOps, we are able to have a keen eye on software support and necessary development.
  • Our agile development phase, the most vital of all the phases, helps us accommodate each and every requirement in one custom-developed software set by our clients. We break the entire set of requirements into tiny modules and work on accomplishing the targets of those modules, individually. Nonetheless, with a loop of observation report, we trace out and fix the bugs if any, with uninterrupted deployment in process.
  • With Rapid application development or RAD, Techouts saves a lot of time in software development, which could be used in other productive aspects. We use robust tools and techniques to ease out the execution of activity of each module, which helps us deliver the best to our clients in a shorter time period. With RAD, you save on your investment as it re-quires the help of less developers and Techouts has the best ones in that category you can rely on for your business. As the iteration period is shorter in RAD, simultaneously we assess the progress of our technical incorporations as well as focus on needed developments.
  • To avoid any confusion and delivery delay, Techouts believes a planned workflow is something we should have, to give the best outcome to our clients. A scaled Agile Frame-work (SAF) helps us strategize the roles and responsibilities as per the business standards, prioritizing the tasks to be executed, values to be considered, and needed agile practices to be inculcated in the development process. In short, SAF targets to achieve full-scale goals set by businesses on a higher level.

We meet your requirements, far and wide!

Techouts thoroughly scrutinizes each of the customers' needs and work with step-by-step execution to develop customized software specifically for their business.

Our experience working with businesses in multiple domains and challenging verticals has made a huge impact in the world of digitalization. We passionately sit with our clients and understand their business goals-cum-requirements, estimating what exciting changes we can offer to them. We have a team of connoisseurs and efficient managers, with long-term experience, making clients happy and content, saving their time and investment.

Six sigma approach:

Worried about how to reduce the errors and bugs in between?

Techouts got you handled with its six-sigma approach; with a glance at the statistics and analyzing the data, we help reduce the errors the project might face. The six-sigma approach will provide necessary tools to the business, which will expedite business growth and generate profit without disturbing the ongoing scrum activities. We help your business with a technical helpdesk and end-to-end support to manage the entire project and our main objective is to get your project executed, enhancing your customer experience.

It ensures the delivery of:

  • On-time product delivery
  • Metric-based decisions
  • Faultless custom software

Why to pick Custom Software over COTS? Let Techouts help you decide better

First thing first, software that particularly suits your business purposes and software that is readily available with limited benefits, fit for any type of business, which one would you like to consider?

For a growing business, it is always good to have an adaptive mindset instead of sticking to the traditional approach. Let’s see what COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf software) brings and what custom software does to any business:

  • COTS comes with a classic unchangeable package of benefits, which also might be used by your competitors. On the contrary, custom software is the one that is coded and developed uniquely for your business.
  • With COTS you get a pre-installed version and upgrading is a hectic job. But custom software is all your own, change the version and integrate new features as per your requirements.
  • Installation is expensive and you won’t get enough support with COTS, whereas in-stalling custom software is budget-friendly and you will get adequate support.

Other than achieving distinctive business goals, custom software can be a cost-effective add-on with which you can avail yourself of a lot of business benefits at the price of COTS.

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