User Experience (UX)

Imprinting Designs. Re-designing based on Customer Journeys.

Web designing plays a pivotal role in any industry in the present digital era and one among the fastest growing industries with revenue estimated above $40 billion and expected to grow at a rate of 6.5% in the next five years.

In the web designing sphere, UX, Web graphics, Desktop & Mobile site, and Mobile App designing are the primary expertise of Techouts. Our primary focus in any standard web design project is to ensure that the design is tailor-made to meet the client requirements and exceeds well beyond their expectations. We are proficient at understanding web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics and Google Enhanced Analytics; hence, we build and implement Google and customer friendly website designs. A user-friendly website with extensive interactivity is our forte.

Apart from web-based designs, our team is an expert in the design and development of Interactive screens and Kiosks as a part of our graphic designing services.

Now, why Techouts would be the best choice for your designing project?

Our key portfolio of designing services

  • UX Strategy and Design
  • Motion Graphics & Rich Media Design
  • Branding & Corporate Identity Design
  • User Research & Analysis Consulting
  • Wireframe & Interactive Prototyping Services
  • Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

Techouts can help you build the best eCommerce Web and Mobile application with our expert UX/UI designers.

We consider the following aspects while designing an eCommerce website / Mobile App:

  • Operational Simplicity in mobile application designing
  • Strong Branding with our user experience design
  • Usage of effective visual elements
  • Data Presentation for Menus and Catalogs
  • Easy availability of contact information

We address all HTML and CSS problems that many websites are facing. We stick to basics and make the CSS light to avoid the impact on page load performances.

  • Wireframes designing as per user journeys
  • Eye grabbing visual designing with UX designing
  • Cutting edge mobile website designs
  • Enhanced User Experience with specific fonts, narrow layout, optimized images
  • Optimized for different platforms, capabilities, and mobile browsers
  • Enhanced search engine indexing with Google’s best practices and guidelines
  • Mobile App UX Designing
  • IOS App Designing as a standalone service
  • Android App Designing as a standalone service
  • UX designing to connect and communicate with customers by Social
  • Media Apps
  • Designing the cross-platform apps with high-quality UI and UX designs,
  • supporting a diverse range of devices
  • eCommerce App Designing
  • User Experience (UX) design from scratch
  • UX designing based on customer’s interaction/journey analytics
  • eCommerce and media related website designing
  • Customized website designing services
  • UI/Front End Development
  • HTML, CSS and bootstrap development

Techouts expert team can design the best B2B portal with navigations, layouts, user experience, content, and several different elements to provide the following services:

  • B2B Web portal/application designing from scratch
  • Customized B2B Web Application designing
  • B2B directory & classifieds web portal designing Service
  • Trade Web Portals and eCommerce Marketplace designing for B2B users
  • Auction web portal and tenders’ website design
  • Analysis & Audit for existing B2B website design

To build the best in class User interface design, we follow the following approach:

  • UI designing with atomic design (Atomic design is one of the recently proposed methodologies for organizing a design system) and style guide
  • UX functional design and convenient interfaces
  • Rigorous testing and validation of UI designing
  • Availability of in-house creative designers and UI experts
  • Best-in-class Business analysts and front-end specialists to support and build the best-in-class User interface for enterprise-grade websites, Mobile Apps and B2B applications

Faster, Easy to Use Space Saving Accessibility with interactive screens advanced technology. Innovations in touch screen display along with glass technology are driving the industry towards flexible adoption of Kiosks screens. Our services feature:

  • Smart Touch Technology and Multi-touch screens
  • Touch screen software design
  • Ultra-HD resolution screens designed with great UX designs
  • Integrated software solutions for smooth maintenance and running
  • Fully customized designs for each project
  • Augmented reality design
  • Integrate kiosk software with Digital kiosk systems
  • Kiosk user interface design
  • Eye Tracking/Heat Maps
  • Rich imagery and iconography designing
  • Advanced Program Management over the product life cycle
  • Remote Management and field support

We make your site progressive with the best service worker configurations resulting the fast pre-caching and app like experience for users. We also implement the PWA for desktop.

  • React development
  • Microservices architecture
  • Middleware integrations
  • Google AMP implementation

Techouts employs contemporary design standards and the latest technologies to create incredible designs that click and engage your website visitors. We bring years of experience and exemplary design standards to ensure the client’s vision is adequately focused upon for the best end result. Our experts blend robust designs and content together to build the best-in-class Web designs for your business. Also as a leading partner of SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Commerce) and Magento 2 Commerce, we adapt best eCommerce practices while designing wireframes.

So why wait? Get in touch with us today and witness your business get the right exposure in the virtual world. Reach us at sales@techouts.com.