Test Automation


Techouts is a leader in providing test automation services and has built expertise backed by a large pool of test automation experts and experience with executing test automation engagements for global clients.

The Techouts Test Automation Accelerator Kit is comprised of pre-built test automation scripts, utilities, process assets, and frameworks, and has helped many companies in implementing successful test automation initiatives.

Our automation team has over fifty architects and hundred and fifty test automation experts who develop automation IP/accelerators by leveraging industry trends, best practices, and reusable frameworks and libraries.

These enablers and assets developed by our consultants have enabled organizations to reduce the effort involved in developing test automation frameworks by over fifty percent and save more than sixty percent in test automation script development effort.

Key services provided by Techouts include

  • Automation Assessment, Advisory & Transformation Services
  • Automation Testing Tool Feasibility
  • Automation Framework Development
  • Automation Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Custom Test Development


  • Reduce test script development by almost 60%
  • Ready to use built in reusable methods
  • Faster test cycle without compromising on quality
  • Increase in overall ROI by almost 30%
  • Increased test automation coverage
  • Customizable and Just-In-Time reports
  • Compatible with cloud integration
  • Assessment and refactoring of existing frameworks and test suites
  • Enhancement of automated test suite and Test Automation Framework to support application & platform upgrades
  • Migration services to modernize legacy automation scripts to new test automation tools
  • Dashboards with in-depth visibility into project status, test execution results & analysis reports.

Today, the majority of organizations follow traditional test automation wherein only a few areas of the software test life cycle are considered for automation. The focus is on automating smoke and regression suites, which opens up challenges around test automation and application quality. In this era of digitalization, Quality Engineering has become the fulcrum of innovation and for an organization to be at the top of their game, they need an intelligent, integrated and comprehensive test automation strategy

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