Agile Advisory


With many IT organizations around the world adopting the Agile methodology for software development, quality assurance and testing teams have also had to evolve in order to find the right balance of application stability and time-to-market. Testing has had to become continuous and also smarter. Improved test automation with the right testing techniques helps ensure that a “potentially shippable product increment” is delivered with every sprint.

Techouts has been a trusted testing partner for many organizations at various stages of adopting Agile. We have helped organizations new to Agile build QA planning, estimation, metrics into their sprints. In case of more mature organizations, we have seamlessly integrated with their sprint teams to improve test coverage, velocity, and quality. Our frameworks for continuous test automation and performance testing have been leveraged by many organizations to improve their Quality Assurance and Testing practices.

Key Differentiators of Techout’s Agile Testing Services

  • CI & automation using matured TAF that seamlessly integrates with leading CI tools and deployment processes.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Collocated teams to manage the distributed Agile environment. “Time Zone Matrix” to plan scrum meetings that support global delivery model.
  • ‘Done’ criteria – Set for all user stories and cross-checked for adherence before sign-off. It is one of the most critical checkpoints of an Agile project.
  • Lean Governance – Implementation of quality gates, sprint retrospection & reviews; metrics & measures enable thorough alignment with the Agile development process
  • Distributed Agile Framework that allows multiple collocated teams to work in a highly collaborative manner that delivers agility and assures quality.

Our Services

  • Agile Readiness Assessment for Transformation
  • Agile Maturity Assessment and Implementation Services
  • Agile IT Operating Model Design
  • Agile Program Management
  • Agile Coaching & Consulting

Our Key Strengths

  • Certified Agile Specialists and Practitioners
  • Agile Centre of Excellence
  • Agile IT Operating Model Design

Business enterprises across the world are experiencing a common trend of increased client expectations, technology upgrades and unpredictability in their business environment. The magnitude of these changes and the accompanying uncertainty is compelling most enterprises to adopt “Agile” – a flexible and progressive software development process

To address these changes and the resulting challenges,Techouts has developed a mature test approach that has been proven to have the ability to seamlessly integrate with client’s agile development processes and any hybrid development processes. This methodology ensures that testing complements development. It also helps in the early adoption of automation through implementation of testing techniques (TDD, BDD etc.). This not only helps to achieve reduced time to market but alsoreduces defect slippage.

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