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Organizations should put more focus and resources into personalization more than ever before if they want to endure and flourish in the current increasingly competitive business landscape.
Most businesses struggle with personalization. Research shows that data-driven personalization is a tough task for 63% of the marketers out there. Only 10% of consumers strongly agree that companies deliver a pleasant experience. And personalization is the foundation of better experiences.

Brands need to go a long way to meet their consumers’ expectations of customer experience and personalization. Fortunately, there is a way for brands to improve the digital customer experience by meeting customers’ personalization needs with the help of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Let’s see a use case where a conglomerate company customized content based on consumers’ interest:

With the help of Key MarTech Adobe tools like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and Adobe I/O, businesses can meet the following areas and provide the best-in-class personalized services to their customers.

•Can build a single platform with Adobe tools where the client can sell their different products and services at a common platform.

•Adobe Analytics plays a vital part to maintain data in a single global record and the customer journey can be captured based on the interest and purchase history of the customers on the shopping site.

•With the above global records, the customer journey can be analyzed and the customers can be targeted with personalized content with the help of AEM and Adobe Target.

•The data can be captured from various brands of the client by Developing SDK for vendor integration. With AEM DAM, the content will be stored in AEM and assets can be exposed to all the brands of the client.

•Common customer loyalty points for all the services and product purchases can be gathered to provide better services.


Our experts at Techouts had streamlined the processes and executed the best solutions to improve the client’s overall efficiencies from building a solid set of customer data analytics, creation to the usage of digital assets, and setting up a solid content management system with AEM.

The client experienced notable declines in time and costs in generating new content and digital assets by incorporating the reuse of present digital content that was adopted for different brands of the client.

The project execution created many practices that are core to the customer experience. A comprehensive and careful analysis of content was performed to understand and identify the type of content customers prefer at different phases of their journey.

Realizing who is taking a gander at different products and responding with rich content relevant to each phase of the journey always was and still is a pivotal strategy for engaging customers.

Testing and optimization are likewise needed to focus on customer-centric content customized for different individuals. The capabilities of a customer-driven CMS provide the consumer a shopping experience that is not just unique but also enhances the brand relationship with their customers.

As our client deals with plenty of eCommerce operations, the offers and promotions were conveyed to the consumers via both online and offline platforms.

With Adobe Analytics, data was analyzed to promote product marketing. Then based on the customer’s purchase journey and interest, advertisements were showcased.

There was a huge increase in site traffic, conversion rate, online booking revenue, online reservation volume year-over-year and there was a decent decrease in the drop-off rate.

With AEM’s personalized experiences today, more and more clients like the above one are becoming digitally sophisticated and recalibrating their personalized content showcasing strategies to deliver the best customer-centric experience. If you want to transform your marketing experience to make every interaction meaningful, Techouts is the best way to go. Our experts have helped notable clients deliver personalized campaign experiences across the various stages of the customer journey to achieve a boost in their acquisition target.

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