In simple terminology, a mobile app is nothing but a whole business tied up together in a small software version to fit into your mobile phone. With increased smartphone users and more digitalization, eCommerce businesses have got tremendous opportunities to boost their brands using mobile applications. If we think about the best eCommerce enterprises and their mobile applications, we can analyze that there is still a lot to conquer in the world of digital evolution. The best part is Techouts knows what kind of mobile apps will fit your eCommerce business and we are there to do that for you.

The website is fine. But how about a mobile app? 

People these days have a compulsive obsession to be first at everything and are more lenient towards smarter strategies to get their work done. This is marvelous!

And, for customers to reach out to your eCommerce brand also weighs a lot of importance as for your eCommerce to reach out to its target prospects. Mobile Application makes this connection a lot stronger by enhancing the user experience as well as enriching an eCommerce business. Brick and mortar to digital site and digital site to featuring mobile applications, businesses are grooming every day with newer aspects. The vast use of smartphones among your target customers allows them to hop on to your business platform whenever they need it and wherever they are, using the mobile application.

A few businesses are still hesitant to give mobile applications a try but if you are aiming for something bigger in your near future, mobile applications can make it achievable and faster than expected.

Do you know how a mobile app can transform your eCommerce outlook? 

With the growing competition in the world of eCommerce, it is important to understand the benefits your business can avail yourself of from mobile app development, as the day is not so far when these phone apps are going to take over the desktop sites.

“So, do you want to miss this opportunity? Don’t you think you can add more value to your business as well as customers by developing a featured eCommerce mobile app?”

Many eCommerce Consulting agencies can influence you to upgrade your business to a mobile application. But we at Techouts think that if you can get a thorough idea about the benefits you can avail of from a mobile application, it will be easy for you to take the call. After all, it’s your business and your potential customers, we can just add the right wings to your business to grow your sales and customer base.

First and foremost, let’s jump into the benefits you can get using a mobile application for your digital business and how it can give your business a revitalized look.

Easy to drag customer attention:  

Say you have an eCommerce app and there comes a push notification or flash advertisement on your phone about an offer or discount on some products in that eCommerce, you click on that notification and land directly on the business app. Smooth as butter! But how often do you visit the website of that eCommerce, through the browser? Extremely rare. Right?

Well, that’s the power of market-in-the-pocket and you need to inculcate that strategy to drive audience attention. In a way, it is a benefit to the marketing activities where you can smartly invest in where to advertise and what to advertise, which banners to run and where you can grab more eyeballs?

Enhance customer loyalty:  

Once your customers have your business app installed on their phones, it is up to you how you want to drive the engagement towards potential actions. Make the best use of the app to cater to your customers the best, as you have already got the place on their phones. A developed mobile application will make the customer scroll for hours which becomes a lot difficult using a URL browser. Remember, getting into an app that’s visible on your home screen is way easier than the effort of visiting your business page through a browser, so it ultimately will increase customer loyalty.

Huge opportunity to flourish CX and UX: 

It’s time to make the app presentable as well as valuable; Retain your loyal customers by nurturing their click journey on your eCommerce mobile app. Here are a few popular ways to win the hearts of your customers:

  • Showcase personalized content viewing their search intent and previous orders
  • Use friendly gestures to keep your customers informed about the flash sales, special offers, or discounts using push notification
  • Make the best use of rule-based personalization by showing them exclusive deals and offers, specially curated for them
  • You can engage the customer with some reward system or earn loyalty points, which they can use for future purchases, etc.

What makes your mobile app stand out? 

Mobile apps are not just a trend, but a smart investment that you should not take for granted. A flawless mobile app can work as a booster to your business which ultimately will add to the overall business revenue. But a faulty mobile app can cost you a fortune affecting customer experience and it might lead to lower traffic to the website as well.

Hence it is important to do the necessary research before planning to create your eCommerce mobile app, like;

What technology do you want to use?

Which framework do you want to pick?

What are the trending tools to get a fully-functional mobile app?

Or, what is a Super app? What do you need to create a super app for your business?

On and on and on, there could arise multiple confusions and questions like this, but Techouts got you all handled. We have an experienced team in Mobile Application Development, dedicated to creating versatile mobile apps for large and mid-sized eCommerce businesses. Our recent innovation in Super App has been a remarkable success which helped a conglomerate to integrate their brands altogether into one exclusive mobile app. Interesting. Right?

Whether it’s a mobile application or a Super app, Techouts is there to assist you from start to finish. Schedule a brief call and we will walk you through all about it.


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