With businesses getting groomed every day in touch with newer and smarter innovations, automating marketing is something that we can’t take our eyes off. No doubt there has been a conspicuous impact of automation in the world of eCommerce which has benefited enterprises in several ways, but the implementation of automation in the marketing zone has been amazeballs. From saving a lot of time to avoidance of missteps and incorporating engaging marketing tricks to enhancing Customer Experience with matchless personalization, Marketing Automation is the filler that connects your business directly with your target prospects.

Marketing Automation: An inclusive solution for automating Marketing activities:

In short, it eases out a lot of stress on marketers and simultaneously helps to better the customer experience (CX) by feeding them customized content, at the right time on the right channel. Hence, when the tools are on their way to automate your marketing activities, you can put your entire focus on conversions.

With a smart integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP), Marketing Automation is contributing itself to the betterment of an eCommerce business today. Say you are a large enterprise with a huge set of customer data, in the scenario of sending the latest discount details to the customers interested in a particular category, instead of sending individual messages to your customers one after another, create personalized messages using automation tools. That’s how you can potentially automate marketing campaigns in your business!

Why Marketing automation? Let’s dig into its specialties:

When there are countless ways to empower an eCommerce, why do we need to emphasize bringing automation into a marketing strategy? What are the compelling advantages of Marketing Automation for enterprises?

Here are the 5 saleable benefits of Marketing Automation:


  • Expedite the speed of conversions:

When there are multiple steps to be covered for a fulfilled conversion process, Marketing automation software will speed up the pace of your marketing steps. Voila, half of your job is done! Now save your time connecting with your customers by assessing their behavior via all the touchpoints on your business and delivering them with personalized content like emails, text messages, push & in-app notifications, advertisements, and other marketing experiments.

  • Remarketing is easy and creative:

In the contemporary competitive age of innumerable eCommerce industries, bounce leads are the painful mishaps in most digital businesses. But with smarter incorporation of Campaign Monitor Automation, you can focus specifically on bounce leads and can productively use the tools to remarket your business with customized campaigns.

  • Boost engagement instantly:

Instead of reaching out to individual customers one after another, with Marketing Automation, you can do it even better with minimal effort. Thus, it adds to the overall engagement saving a lot of hard work.

  • Gather feedback to bond with your customer:

The more you connect with your customers, the more you enhance the customer experience. So, the new-age eCommerce pays attention to what its customers are saying. With every feedback collected, the Marketing Automation tool will generate a new idea or way to amplify the business.

  • Get rid of human errors:

There comes a pile of data and analytics related to customers and their activities, which need to be carefully scrutinized before making any further decisions. Hence, with automation, you can avoid human errors and so can accelerate further marketing activities.

Summary: Marketing Automation is an inarguable add-on to eCommerce

Research shows that automating Marketing campaigns and having capabilities to trigger the right content to the right audience, has a direct impact on sales conversions as well as overall marketing overhead. Most renowned brands, and mid-size and small-size businesses are adding MarTech to their business activities to maintain a steady workflow resulting in increased revenue plus overall business growth.

Techouts has extensive experience in assisting eCommerce industries to upsurge with every newer innovation and Marketing Automation is one among them. Our strong proficiency lies in enabling MarTech solutions in several businesses, which will help them strengthen their technical as well as marketing area. Using top marketing automation platforms like SAP Emarsys, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Campaign, Mad Street Den (MSD), and Adobe Experience Platform, we guide our clients to leverage the end-to-end benefits of Marketing Automation to provide ultimate customer engagement.

For a detailed understanding of the services and solutions we offer at Techouts, we would like you to schedule a call with our experts here!


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