Steve Lucas, senior vice president of business development at Adobe, said, “At Adobe we build strategy on what people do because if you can truly create epic experiences over and over again, you create something that’s more than a product or service — you transcend it.”

According to an eMarketer survey, almost 50% of all marketers say their customer experience strategy is limited in scope. Even worse, more than half of all consumers believe that brands they interact with a struggle to deliver relevant messages in real-time. Organizations need to adopt strategies that allow for analysis and action in real-time to fulfill the demand of real-time relevant messages. Fortunately, Adobe is leading the charge to reimagine customer experience management (CXM) with its products be it Adobe Analytics or Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). When you integrate them with Marketo-driven data strategy, it encompasses the people, processes, and technology needed to succeed on that goal.

Let’s look at how the addition of Marketo to the Adobe Experience Cloud can bring the transformation to the customer-buyer landscape and extend Adobe’s leadership in customer experience.

With more than 5000 customers, Marketo assembles planning, engagement and measurement capabilities into an integrated B2B marketing platform to Adobe Experience Cloud to offer a peerless set of solutions for delivering transformative customer experiences across industries and companies of all shapes and forms. Imagine having real-time access to information about the visitor when they are on your site; this can significantly improve form conversions, enable personalized experiences, and enhance reporting and analytics.

How to Integrate Marketo with Adobe Experience Manager

Let’s first look at how we can integrate Marketo with AEM and leverage their capabilities to create amazing personalized experiences for customers and transform your business.
1. Go to your company-specific Adobe Experience Manager
2. You can either sign in with Adobe or locally.
3. Go to Tools, click Operations and select Web Console.
4. In your browser, search (Ctrl+F on Windows, CMD+F on Mac) for “Adobe Granite Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policy.”
5. Click the + sign on the right.
6. Type in “https://.*\.marketo\.com” (without the quotes) in the Allowed Origins (Regexp) text box and click Save.
7. In the header section, click Web Console and select System Information.
8. Under Server Information, click the Restart button.
9. Click OK to confirm.
10. In Marketo Classic, click Admin.
11. Under Integration, select Adobe Experience Manager.
12. Click Edit and enter your AEM URL.
13. Finally, click OK.

Now you’re all set to align your marketing and sales goals by tapping into better visibility, insights, and campaign performance!
However, there are a few things you need to take care of regarding the AEM & Marketo integration functionality:
1. Images cannot exceed 100MB
2. Marketo currently supports Adobe Experience Manager Version 6.5.
3. All users in your instance will be able to view/access the images you import.
4. Images are not automatically updated. If an image imported into the Marketo Design Studio is updated in AEM, it must manually be re-imported into Marketo.

How to Integrate Marketo with Adobe Analytics

Marketers more than often struggle to find an effective analytics integration through Adobe. The integration of Marketo with Adobe Analytics lets a marketer develop a deeper understanding of customer insights and deliver personalized experiences across the entire customer life cycle.
So let’s have a glance at the integration procedure.
1. In the Marketo Real-Time Personalization (RTP) platform, go to Account Settings.
2. Under Account Settings, click Domain.
3. Under Analytics, click Adobe Analytics.
4. Turn On the Conversion, Custom and Traffic variable toggles.
5. Assign the Conversion, Event and Traffic Variables slot numbers to match the slot numbers created in Adobe Analytics.
6. Click SAVE.

You’re now ready to track the progress of your marketing efforts with thorough and comprehensive Analytics reports and upsurge your marketing performance.

A study by Adobe Research says, 82% agree that achieving a single customer view is critical to businesses for long-term success but only 18% of organizations are currently able to consolidate their customer data into one single profile across all marketing channels. The integration of Marketo’s abilities like lead management, account-level data, and multi-channel marketing combined with Adobe’s rich behavioral dataset is all-powerful to bring the unified singular view of any customer. It comes with an unparalleled set of solutions across analytics, content, personalization, and advertising to automate the entire buyer and customer journey.

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