When developing a travel or retail website, user experience, or UX, often becomes a secondary consideration as websites are often structured to best benefit the website owner, rather than the user. Below we explore exactly what UX is and how it should be utilized to improve website design and development.

What is UX?

UX relates to how easy and enjoyable a website is to use by an end-user or consumer. From how easily information can be accessed to load times on pages, every small detail of a website contributes to UX, which is why creating a positive UX requires numerous tests and multi-level refinements.

How can UX improve a website?

Taking a closer look at UX and how users interact with your website can provide important insight into where and why your website is failing to make conversions whilst giving you a better understanding of consumer behavior. For example, if you have a high drop-off rate after people use your search function, it may be that you require a more intelligent search function and user-friendly way for users to find a product or service on your website.

How to improve UX

To constantly stay on top of your UX, frequent web development is needed to ensure you achieve repeat customers by offering the best experience possible. In today’s world, UX should not only be considered for desktop browsing, but also mobile and tablet devices. Purchases made on smartphone devices are expected to account for more than one third of eCommerce purchases in 2019, revealing that a company which creates a poor mobile UX could potentially be losing out on a third of their sales.

Aside from optimizing your website for numerous devices, other ways to improve UX include:

    • Maintaining an intuitive web design
    • Addressing HTML problems to improve load times
    • Focusing on creating a digital experience for your customers

The next step

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