It’s quite surprising how everything around us is transforming with a subtle touch of innovation and automation. Well speaking of transformation, how can we unsee the impact of conversion happening in the world of commerce?

Our generation is lucky to witness and experience offline businesses evolving into web or digital commerce or eCommerce.

No doubt, the fitful pandemic has made things awful for several businesses terribly, but looking on the brighter side it also has made us come across how eCommerce is booming up further with the latest trending twitches. Isn’t it?

From here on, we are about to discuss the most trending “Headless Commerce” which contemporary digital businesses are imposing to stand out among their peer competitors. In addition, our motto is to highlight the undeniable benefits of Headless Commerce and its contribution to transforming traditional online commerce eminent.

Headless Commerce – The Term Explains Itself:

First thing first, the basic definition of “Headless Commerce” is separating the front-end and the back-end of a digital eCommerce platform using a thick line. And, that line is nothing but an API or Application Programming Interface.

What is headless commerce in layperson terms?

When the front-end is the interface that interacts directly with the audience like; the digital platform or website filled in with all the information about the business, the back-end is the unit responsible for everything happening on the front end. And, all the data from the backend like product information, inventory, expected delivery, etc., are displayed on the front-end via APIs. That’s how a headless works!

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Advantages of Headless eCommerce Explained:

Most of the trailblazer brands are adopting this advanced tweak of Headless Commerce in their businesses because it gives them all the feasibility to bring out the changes in different phases of their online channel independently, without disturbing the other modules of eCommerce.

Here are 7 tempting advantages of Headless eCommerce:

  1. Power of quick yet effortless customization: The freedom to get the platform customized whenever and however desired is making large renowned brands adopt headless for their end-to-end commerce where they are able to deploy productive features, run endless tests without depending on the developer.
  2. Basic user skills: Instead of relying on a tech wizard to handle the entire back and forth system, headless functionalities can be used by everyone in the team with basic expertise.
  3. Maintenance of consistency across all channels: Techouts Headless Commerce and CMS plus omnichannel customization is the perfect duo that helps a business to integrate all the customer touchpoints, collecting data of potential audiences coming through different channels, into a common hub.
  4. Enhance the speed of the website: If your target audience is the one who uses several devices to interact with your business, it is highly recommended that you focus on your website loading speed. The better the site loads, the better the customer experience (CX), and the better the sales are.
  5. Works like a time-saver: The need for back-end modifications to make it visible in the front-end is not needed in headless commerce. Hence the developer saves a lot of time by just making the immediate changes instantly on the front-end and it’s cost-effective too. The more you save time and money, the more you invest it in your revenue-generating ideas. Simple!
  6. Speed up the time-to-market for the business: The beauty of your digital commerce gets more intense when you reach out to your consumers faster than your fellow competitors. In a tightly coupled web commerce implementing new technology or making certain changes to your website requires a shed-load of developer efforts. Whereas with headless, you make those changes straight away with the help of your eCommerce or marketing expert without the intervention of a developer. Easy as ABC!
  7. Everlasting customer experience: Apparently, once your website performs perfectly, it becomes user-friendly, adding to a flawless digital experience (DX)

Summing up:

Though headless commerce can cater endless benefits to different businesses in multiple ways, a team of creative and prone-to-evolve marketers, developers, and domain experts is all needed to be in the game.

Are you planning on coming up as an independent headless Commerce? Techouts has got your back!

With long-run experience in developing Headless Commerce and CMS systems, Techouts has been addressing the obstacles being faced by topical businesses and is assisting them with needed support-cum-solutions.

You are just a call away to talk to our domain expert who will walk you through the entire process of modernizing either your existing headless commerce platform or transforming your decoupled or monolith eCommerce platform furthermore into headless commerce and API first approach.

Stay tuned!

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