Organizations are propelled for the adoption of the digital commerce market to new heights and vendors into new approaches and pricing models due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
A digital eCommerce platform is the innovation center that lets customers purchase goods and services through an interactive and self-service experience. For a customer to make buying decisions, necessary information is provided by the platform. The platform applies rules and employs data to present fully priced orders for payment.

Adobe (Magento)

Magento is an open-source platform embedded with all the requisite tools and features that are needed for developing an e-commerce website. Magento Commerce offers both a single-tenant commerce platform and a multitenant distributed order management and commerce analytics.
Magento is usually recognized in two ways:
Magento Open-Source
This is a free platform that anyone can use. It offers the flexibility to customize it the way you want. It has a very vast community.
Magento Commerce
Magento Commerce comprises Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud. It is a paid version where you get access to advanced features after opting for the premium version.

Features offered by Magento

Community Support: Magento has a huge community that provides support to its clients whenever they need it. Numerous experts and proficient developers are part of this community.
Scalable: Magento provides the opportunity for businesses to grow, as an online store it can be accessed from anywhere.
Developer-Friendly: Magento is a popular platform among developers. It saves time by integrating different features and has its own learning curve; it’s the most loved e-commerce development platform once developers become familiar with its operation.
Marketing Tools: Marketing websites is easier with Magento as it is equipped with useful marketing tools, Coupons, promotional pages, and catalog promotions are the various tools that are inbuilt in Magento.
SEO-Friendly: Magento has inbuilt basic features to rank your website without putting in much effort. Some of them are SEO-friendly URLs, tags, and tools that monitor the performance of a website.
Order Management: Magento is well trained to manage orders even during a crisis. It provides exceptional flexibility to admins to manage their page. They can add, edit, and create invoices effectively using Magento.
Multiple Platforms: An e-commerce website is accessed by users anywhere, sometimes on a desktop and other times on smartphones. Magento ensures a rich experience for a website irrespective of the platforms it is on.
Security: With the advancement of technology, cyber attacks are also increasing. Magento leverages its technologies to render security to the users in order to stop intruders from stealing their data.
Benefits of eCommerce Application Development Using Magento
Magento-based eCommerce app development services deliver a number of benefits to start-ups, SMEs, and large-scale enterprises. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of eCommerce application development using Magento.
Easy Customization: To engage audience and pull in new customer’s ample features and options with a variety of CSS templates to customize the online store are provided by Magento.
Faster Load Time: Magento lets you optimize load time without impacting the overall website performance to maximize user engagement and interactivity. The eCommerce websites developed using Magento load faster and are more responsive notwithstanding the growing inrush of customers.
Ease of Integration: Magento offers easy integration for an assortment of proprietary tools, plugins as well as third-party applications and services. One can use third-party APIs or integrate external payment gateways to facilitate frictionless transactions and online payments. Furthermore, a Magento-based eCommerce store integrates coherently with inventory modules, logistics apps, and point of sale (PoS) systems.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

This Magento feature enables users with admin access to track sales orders, income figures, and gain insights into customer data. It creates a carefully designed, tamper-proof record of historical purchases, buyer details, and lets you dissect website data to identify your customers’ likes, preferences, and buying patterns.
Effective Catalog Management
Magento puts in control of the client’s product catalog and website content. It offers a flexible content management system, allowing one to optimize the website in the best possible way. Optimization of product listings or fresh content updating can be done easily to grab customer’s attention.
Faster Checkouts
eCommerce apps built using Magento facilitates easy checkouts with one-click payments and faster transaction processing. For improved user convenience, you can provide multiple payment options.

Magento Strengths

Global span: Magento has perhaps the biggest expansion in new client numbers. It has developed its market share through its extensive global solution integration partner network, its predominance over the midmarket, and its expansive reference client base for both B2B and B2C digital commerce models.
Commerce scope: Customers continually incline towards Magento in light of its expansive feature list and robust app marketplace. Magento Commerce incorporates a native web content management (WCM) module (Page Builder) with its commerce platform and gives additional solutions for order management, dispatch, and analytics.
Adobe ecosystem: Under Adobe’s proprietorship, Magento is benefiting from Adobe’s ecosystem of capabilities, particularly in complex B2C commerce scenarios. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a market-leading digital experience platform (DXP), has been packaged with the managed services offering of Magento to shape the Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Magento altogether assists with increasing sales and making a business scalable. It makes your business customer-friendly and has inbuilt tools and features which immensely help in marketing. Magento can be the best choice to provide the topmost e-commerce solutions as we’ve discussed the benefits in this blog. Furthermore it’s ranked as the third-best e-commerce solution, among the top one million websites. Magento is in trend for its state-of-the-art ability to develop an e-commerce website and is being used by millions of users for more than a decade.

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