Experts estimated worldwide mobile eCommerce sales by 2021 will account for almost three-quarters of all eCommerce sales, indicating that for all companies with an online sales presence, the future is almost certainly mobile. 2018’s Black Friday, traditionally a physical shopping event, saw more than 40% of its sales come from mobile purchases, further suggesting that businesses which are failing to utilize mobile sales are compromising the success of their company.

Why is having a website optimized for mobile use important?

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a bonus to a website, it is becoming a necessity. With advancements in technology, consumers expect to be able to receive the best user experience possible anywhere and on any device. Failing to create a mobile-friendly website is accepting a higher drop-off and failed conversion rate.

Some more benefits include

SEOGoogle favors mobile-friendly websites in its search engine rankings.
RelevanceIt ensures your business appeals and stays relevant to a technology-literate demographic
ReliableConsumers feel more comfortable making mobile purchases on a platform that is optimized for mobile use as it makes purchases seem more secure.
ConvenientFor travel websites, for example, if users can access their booking info and check their booking details on their mobile, it is much more convenient for them whilst they are traveling.

Do you require the services of a mobile app design and development company?

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