Order Management

Invest in order management for ultimate customer experience.

From consumer perspective order management is as simple as order confirmation, product packaging, shipping and delivery. Across the journey consumer might demand receiving updates via either a text message or email. In the mobile app scenario, consumer look for a robust shopping experience and centralized view of order update. These updates could also go as push notification as and when noteworthy update from consignment partners come in.

As an eCommerce domain expert, we will be a system integrator and technology partner for companies to solve complexities behind the order fulfilment. And support enterprises on building unified OMS by integrating multiple systems, logistics providers and inventory to it. At the end, helping enterprises and mid-size companies to provide consumers with power to view into real-time inventory boosting customer experience.

Techouts has real-time experience on streamlining order management engine to be omnichannel, coupled with Headless and microservices architecture approach.

This is to ensure brand can deliver benefits like

Order online pick up at a nearby store

Purchase at a store and return online

Order online and home delivery

Location override after placing order

Drop shipping and 3PL (Marketplace)

Curbside pick-up

Product availability – where and when

Order status update in near real-time

Best CX possible through upgrading order management system (OMS).

We recognize every business is unique in managing order fulfilment. It can be a centralized warehouse or multiple warehouses in a city, we holistically customize all checkpoints and blend offline & online order allocation and, turn stores into distribution centers for a centralized view of inventory. So that consumers can keep track of when and where the product is available, likewise business users can leverage data to generate reports for improvising delivery time.

It might be large enterprises who are Omnichannel and has multiple customer touch points. Or either a D2C or retailer who, depend mostly on 3rd party logistics provider for fulfilling order. We analyze the suitable solution which is scalable and has modern touch, and cost effective in terms of OPEX.

We suggest business like D2C or mid-size retailers to focus on an order management system which is smart enough to onboard any supply chain company at ease and provide consumers with real-time updates. Larger enterprises with focus on omnichannel to have an advanced OMS with capabilities to override order fulfilment at any point of time and touchpoints.

Techouts with real-time experience in developing and supporting complex OMSs has achieved 100% success rate in customizing order management for businesses of varied domain. Right from a marketplace to retail, D2C to B2C, Telecom to education, OEM to B2B operations, Techouts has mastered the art of developing highly agile systems using headless, microservices and pay-as-you-go deployment approach, to customize any OMS to be a central core system for managing orders.

Our strength lies in thoughtful consideration of business as a whole and developing technology which can be reutilized. When it comes to order management, we focus on customization as per business needs, faster time to market solutions, easiness in integrating a new logistics provider(plug-and-play), data and in setting up dedicated development teams to continuously enhancing and supporting order management system basis on analytics and consumer journeys.

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