Headless Commerce

Design customer-driven Headless Commerce solution with Techouts

Stepping on to the world of commerce with a goal to amplify digitalization across all channels? Techouts has excelled successfully at assisting large enterprises and mid-sized companies with endless solutions challenging all stumbling blocks.

Our prior and constant purpose is to forward, ahead of evolutionary changes happening in the world of digital commerce which can further help businesses to establish a remarkable customer experience (CX) and digital experience (DX). Partnering with rich-featured-opensource and popular-platforms like SAP Commerce Cloud, Kibo Commerce, Magento, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Strapi and Sanity; we have been helping renowned brands to enhance their eCommerce channels as well as launch new product lines into their websites, mobile apps, kiosk and so on.

Smarter the eCommerce tactic better the Experience

Exceeding your consumer expectations, offering personalization to make them visit again and again, do not require a witch craft. But it needs a fully implemented digital solution, and that's what Techouts has been doing for its clients.

Techouts commits to accelerate your eCommerce with customized solutions

  1. Adopting omnichannel strategy
  2. Headless Commerce implementation planning and execution
  3. Marketplace business model
  4. Customer Loyalty
  5. End-to-end Order Management System (OMS)– architecture and implementation
  6. Product catalogue (PIM)
  7. Web Content Management System (WCMS) with Headless CMS

Go Headless to grab the attention in any channel. Our Approach is Headless and Microservices.

Our motto is always to show businesses the right way to expand their capabilities, right from an offline store to owning an eCommerce site and then entering into the marketplace, using cost-effective technology solutions. Techouts has got tremendous experience which ranges from planning marketplace business models to building a customer-centric D2C for many large and mid-sized Commerce domains. Understanding the significance of being ahead in the market of eCommerce, we have guided many businesses to transform their traditional eCommerce into Headless and microservices approach.

Headless CMS integrated with eCommerce

With every solution and every service, the sole idea of Techouts lies in creating possible ways to establish a strong bond between your business and your customers. We build every eCommerce module into services and expose them in API formats. Powering Headless CMS to act as robust system in terms of source of truth for data. In fact we have integrated AEM with SAP Commerce Cloud; Sanity with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and, Strapi with Magento.

Our expertise is footprints of our work with renowned industries

With 10+years of experience in IT, Techouts has now emerged as a leading digital agency and IT solutions provider. It has successfully contributed to more than 100 complex-cum-large-digital implementations and served 25+ customers across the globe, majorly in the US, Canada India.

Not just that, we are now on a mission to be the best at what we are doing in the field of eCommerce whereas we have already made a strong impression on domains such as

  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Telecommunication
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer

We are forwarding to explore more domains and touch all the arenas that come under eCommerce to solve every kind of impediment our customers might be facing.

We emphasize roadblocks faced by our eCommerce business clients, customize solutions for those challenges, go on multiple rounds of consultations to make our clients understand the exposure they can have by incorporating the solutions along with the services Techouts is offering.

We promise to give your eCommerce a modern yet refined outlook where we achieve a peerless Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Experience (DX) and you get your business re-engineered driving more revenue.

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