Headless CMS implementation and customization

Upgrade Your Content Management System to Headless with Techouts

With a great Content Management System comes a brilliant return on investment and seamless customer experience, for whichever business it is. Techouts as a digital technologies enabler focuses on giving the content management system a Headless look that begins from dynamic and personalized content showcasing at any interface.

The primary objective of Techouts Headless CMS solution is to scale up contemporary B2B, B2C, B2B2C and modern D2C eCommerce models with Headless CMS approach.

Techouts Prowess

When you can have an amazing experience transitioning into a Headless CMS, the following are the solutions, you will be witnessing:

  • API First Approach:
    An advanced architecture with one back-end and multiple front-ends connected through API, which offers faster content delivery, enabling smooth third-party integration and limitless freedom to developers as well as content managers.
  • Content-as-a-service (CaaS):
    An omnichannel content delivery will integrate all the touchpoints accurately. So that whatever is the front-end, content can be deployed to all the interfaces from a common content hub, or more like a Data lake.
  • Content Personalization:
    With Techouts you can aim for a top-notch customer experience, Headless CMS contributes a lot in terms of personalization as you can target your prospects based on data, profile, interests and web analytics with customized content.
  • Dynamic Content:
    Techouts is an expert at delivering content-as-a-service or CaaS as a solution that does wonders for our clients, where you can create and store content in your CMS and can process them further through APIs, onto your needed presentation layers as components and widgets and, can give access to partners or product owners for publishing customized offers on website, mobile, smart devices, kiosk, etc.
  • Mobile and scalability:
    Techouts Keeps you one-step ahead of your competitors, you can get to experience Super App which will showcase countless personalized content pieces from multiple brands on an individual app.
  • Enterprise service bus (ESB):
    Setting up customized orchestration layers for eCommerce brands that help them function independently from back-end to front-end with the ultimate power to enable Headless CMS as a core CMS module for all the content management.

Our expertise is a bunch of milestones Techouts achieved

With more than 10 years of experience in working with renowned companies, Techouts always forward in the world of eCommerce to create next-level digital innovations. We prioritize customer experience and digital experience as our final and vital goal and so we help our customers with every possible benefit they can have by transitioning into Headless CMS.

We have worked with various brands in Tourism and hospitality, Retails, Healthcare, eCommerce, Insurance, Telecommunication, Education, Media, OEM. Using premium platforms, we dealt with challenges they faced while enhancing their business and achieving seamless customer experience. Not just that our expertise also includes; Implementation of Kafka Orchestration Layer, Architecture consulting and strategy services, MuleSoft and BizTalk end-to-end incorporation along with a consistent support and maintenance.

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