Techouts understands the efficacy of content personalization to nurture an eCommerce business in the current world of competition to grab the attention of potential audiences. With all its expertise and advanced tools, Techouts assisted one of its clients to attain a seamless customer experience by implementing the advancements of Adobe Analytics along with targeted content personalization. As a team, Techouts played a significant role in gathering loads of their customer data and showcased it on a common business platform using the versatile Adobe Marketing Cloud tools. Bringing on multiple data on a single platform was the real game while working with our client and to accomplish that goal, we came through certain adventurous innovations and challenges which strengthened us to come up with Super App inclusion.

The challenges encountered by the client:

As per the client’s business requirements, Techouts came up with certain solutions to serve the challenges being faced by its client, to excel in the business, rather we assisted them with the best yet most sophisticated app that could resolve all their troubles. We aimed at all the weak points to be figured out and implemented modern tools and technologies to improvise the business in every possible way. Here are a few things we specifically worked on for the betterment of the business as well as the utmost customer engagement:

1. Bringing all the customer data altogether onto global records with individual product specifications and the services.
2. Categorizing all the brands
3. A deep analysis of customer analysis and detailed customized offers or coupons for the customers
4. A thorough plan on the upselling and the cross-selling was a vital requirement
5. Integration of customer touchpoints

When there were multiple requirements of the client, Techouts stepped ahead of its limits to please the client with the utmost solutions and top-notch services.

Techouts contribution as a MarTech expert:

With more than 10years of experience, Techouts believes that every business is unique and amazing in its own way and so all challenges businesses are facing need customized solutions. It has expertise in
using tools such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Mad Street Den, and Contentful to amplify the business process from far and wide. Plus, these featured tools helped us to cater to our clients and assist them to attain their business goals.

Here’s how the implementation was taken forward:

• The inclusion of Super App was genuinely a drastic step for the business, and Techouts put all its effort to bring out the best, where it gathered multiple brands and gave them the freedom to showcase customized content.
• Next, using Adobe Analytics, customer data was traced out and their journey was thoroughly recorded, that includes their purchase history, interests, searches, etc. It further helped us to create a list of potential prospects for our client.
• Using those data, Techouts worked towards enhancing Customer Experience by showcasing personalized content, which was executed by a collaborative implementation of AEM and Adobe Target.
• Besides, to keep the customers engaged and build a constant bond of trust, Techouts also implemented a feature that allows customers to have loyalty points on every product purchase and on every service usage.
• Now collecting the data from all the brands was a tricky one, which we resolved by developing SDK (Software Development Kit) for vendor integration.
• The final activity was to preserve the content using AEM DAM and use it effectively for all the brands, so it happened.

The outcome Techouts acquired:

Undoubtedly, using featured tools with sharp ideas to engage the customer was Techout’s forte, but with the above-mentioned implementations, it could reach a greater height of customer satisfaction.

Let’s have a quick walk through the results achieved:

• Use of AEM brought an altogether successful outcome as Detailed customer data analytics, efficient content management system, and apposite use of digital assets.
• Repurposing the digital content being already used by the brands in an effective manner for the benefit of the contemporary business was a cost-effective and time-savior result.
• Content analysis and the reaction of customers to the content helped Techouts to understand customer requirements.
• Understanding user intent and showcasing recommended products helped to build a strong bond between the client and its customers.
• Techouts also assisted the client to establish a customer-centric CMS, which ultimately augmented customer experience by customizing every phase of the customer journey.
• It became easy to roll out customized campaigns and advertisements based on the customer journey, using Adobe Analytics.
• Finally, Techouts could be a big support for the client business with increased site engagement, seamless lead generation and conversion, and steady revenue growth.

When Techout’s primary objective was to create an innovative way to engage a business leveraging trending tools and technologies, it personally brought up several challenging activities and possible
alternatives, which made this whole journey exciting.

Much of the stress of keeping your business ahead of your competitors can be managed smoothly by Techouts. Call us today, we will help you understand how our services and solutions can flourish business!

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