In this era of smartphone users, Apple, a consumer electronics company, surpassing Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable company indicates the huge leap in smartphone users since 2010. A major part of the world comprises of smartphone users, and they are looking online for information. In this spree, enterprises are developing seamless eCommerce infrastructure and adapting to fancy services from Google, listing their products and services and competing to be in the list of the most searched online.

Technology advancement has reached beyond imagination. There are companies that provide scalable eCommerce infrastructure, then there are companies providing an array of marketing technologies, and posh software companies providing services to the target consumer.

Determining: Idea is the USP

So how do you determine consumer purchasing decisions, accurate interests, and needs? How do you want to build your infrastructure, choose the right technology products, be in the competition and generate new revenue streams?

One such complex and large digital infrastructure development Techouts has been part of is- developing a Super App. A Conglomerate company with more than 10 businesses wants to cross-sell their products and services to consumers based on their recent purchase from any one of their businesses with the super app. This helps the company to engage, promote, communicate, and sell their services and products to consumers across all industries.

Executing: Implementing the USP

What are Super Apps?

A super app is a platform, more like a mobile app, developed to offer various services under one umbrella. A super app would be more than a shopping mall when compared to the physical world.

The unique selling point of a super-app is that it centralizes various services so that a consumer can complete multiple tasks or actions in one place. Switching between programs or providers to get things done will be much easier. This also means fewer registrations, fewer incidences of providing payment details, and an overall reduction of friction.

Building a Super App

The focus is to trigger content from various businesses in a single place. The need for Digital Asset Management (DAM), seamless data flow between systems, and showcasing personalized content – based on firstly, consumer interests, and second, availability of personalized offers and promotions from businesses.

By leveraging AEM DAM (Adobe Experience Manger (AEM) is one of the leading CMS technology), accesses for teams of different businesses were created, giving them access to create content specific to their roles and business. The coolest function of the AEM DAM is accessibility from anywhere, and users can only access the content they are given access to. So a person, who has not been given access to any other data, cannot view or modify that data. An employee who logs into this DAM can only read or edit the data that he has access to.

Other features are (i) any number of users can be added; (ii) the scalability of managing the operations.

Data in various systems can be published into the DAM and based on the user behavior and profile; relevant data is triggered from DAM to mobile app. It ultimately results in superior customer experience, new revenue streams, and a WOW factor for consumers to come back again and again.

Work: Engaging Consumers

Each business in the group will have a share of sections in the app, and a web analytics system (in this case Adobe Analytics), will record the consumer journeys, giving deeper insights to business teams about the consumer behavior, interests, and purchasing journey. Passing on the analytics data firstly to the content personalizing engine (we have used Adobe Target here) to pull personalized content from CMS (AEM) where these business teams have created the data.


Consumer lands on Mobile APP, app shows data from CMS, Web Analytics tracks user interest and send the data to Personalizing engine, Personalizing engine will pull the data from DAM based on user interest sent by web analytics system, resulting in Superior Consumer Experience.

Techouts, on the global front, develops enterprise-grade mobile apps to solve complex obstacles faced by enterprises in their journey to digital transformation. We are an expert in system integrations; a rare breed of technology enablers who have successfully integrated systems from one platform with downstream systems like CMS, DAM, eCommerce, and analytics engines from a completely different platform.

Techouts is not merely a service provider or a system integrator. We can be a strategic technology partner on your digital transformation journey. Our unrivaled portfolio of industry-specific software solutions gives us the advantage to navigate through complexity, and as a result, we don’t limit ourselves to out of the box features. If a feature or a business requirement is to be enabled, we find or develop the technology to do it.

Given the prevailing pandemic situation and the drastically increased online activity amongst users, a super app offers a convenient and cost-effective solution to accessing services digitally. Let’s explore together the brand new world of marketplace possibilities for your enterprise. Contact us today for a free consultation:

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