Testing Centre of Excellence


One of our customers with e-commerce implementation on Hybris has approached us to perform TCOE services for their existing application and new features planned.


The current implementation is involved with development done by multiple Stakeholders with much integration between different systems, has lot of issues to be identified and resolved. On top of it there are multiple features planned for the next release.


Our TCOE approach has 2 Types as mentioned below

  • TCOE Management Services: We provide necessary trainings and inform necessary process and procedure for adapting to the customer needs and will have dedicated TCOE Manager who will be supporting the customer
  • TCOE Project Services: We will deploy of our TCOE testing resources and work along with customer to improve the quality

We have travelled to our customer location and understood the existing testing process, procedures, and resource capabilities and have had implemented our TCOE Project Services approach after our in-depth analysis.

We have suggested below points as part of QA activities

  • Created a Test Strategy to follow
  • Provided testing road map to be followed
  • Suggested improving the test coverage by implementing reviews
  • Suggested using (GATE Approval Process) Release Management process to improve the quality at each gate
  • Suggested various tools that help customer in getting better productivity from team and increasing visibility on progress

We have done below as part of QC activities:

  • We have divided our Quality team into two, one Functional, and other Regression
  • Functional team will validate all the new features, while regression team works with previous release build to unhide all the issues existing in the system
  • We have uncovered all the major issues, and our development team on support has resolved the issues to make the application stable
  • As part of regression we have done performance testing and provided suggestions to improve cache mechanism, to implement SOLR for search and were able to meet Performance requirements
  • During regression testing we have done Web Application security (OWASP) and uncovered major vulnerabilities in the application to make it more secure
  • For the new features we have ensured maximum test coverage is achieved
  • To avoid integration issues, we have requested for an environment with all the integrations and have done exhaustive integration testing and have used SOAP UI for testing web services wherever required
  • We have also prepared E2E scenarios and have automated the regression suite, to reduce manual efforts and quick identification of issues during the code merges

Tools Used

  • Regression Testing: Techouts Automation Tool built on Selenium using Hybrid Framework
  • SOAP UI: In order to perform both SOAP & REST services testing
  • JMeter: Used for performance testing of web application and APIs
  • JIRA: Used for defect reporting
  • Zephyr: Used for Test Management
  • OWASP ZAP: Used for web application security testing

Results / Benefits

With clear segregation of roles in using application, entire process of authoring, sharing, delivering reports has been streamlined. Both OLAP repository and BIRT repository are integrated to AD (active directory) directory services and currently serving as one stop enterprise report repository.


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