System Integration


Our client, a leading digital infrastructure provider in Asia, has reached us for an end-to-end implementation of SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B. Scope of the project includes integration of private and public clouds, and other third party systems such as chatbot, DocuSign and live chat with Hybris platform. Also integration of their backend systems which include Master Data Management (MDM), billing and pricing catalogue with Hybris. Finally integrating with SAP Cloud (Hana) for pulling data from backend systems.

The Hybris B2B Commerce module provides organizations with a wide range of B2B Omni-channel capabilities, enabling them to offer an integrated, holistic customer experience across all channels.


This is a first of kind integration of Hybris Commerce Cloud for B2B with SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud

  • SAP Hybris will have HANA DB as its runtime transaction database
  • SAP Hybris Data hub will be used for asynchronous bi-directional data integrations with backend systems
  • SAP Hybris Commerce will make direct calls for synchronous integrations to backend systems via Web APIs

SAP Cloud Platform

  • SAP Cloud Platform will provide the HANA DB which will act as DataMart
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration will be used for data replication from ackend data sources
  • HANA artefacts (Views and Tables) developed in the HANA system will be exposed for consumption via OData services
  • (XS)OData services will be created in the HANA XS Engine on SAP Cloud Platform Neo Technology Stack for consumption
  • SAP Cloud Integration services will also provide message based integration with external systems wherever required

Backend systems (Cloud/On-premise)

  • Backend systems installed shall expose Web APIs for integrations with SAP Hybris and SAP Hana systems wherever required


Key features

  • A single portal will be setup in Hybris Commerce for company’s employees, customers and partners
  • For product configuration, a framework will be built based on Hybris product catalog structure
  • For product pricing, Hybris Rule Engine based on Drools Rule will be the baseline solution; The Hybris Rule Engine will be extended to calculate pricing of different product components based on the selected and derived product configurations
  • For managing user roles and permissions, Hybris User Groups, Access Rights and CMS Restrictions will be leveraged
  • Hybris WCMS module provides a multi-channel publishing system that allows you to easily maintain websites, both the transactional and non-transactional parts of sites
  • Hybris Assistive Service Module (ASM) will enable company’s personnel to provide real-time customer sales and service support, using the same storefront across the Omni-channel framework, both physically shoulder-to-shoulder, in-store, and virtually online
  • Hybris Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) will be leveraged to expose RESTful web services from Hybris Commerce for Mobile Apps and other external apps
  • Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) is a commerce API that offers a broad set of commerce and data services which enable using and leveraging the complete SAP Hybris Commerce functionality anywhere in the application landscape
  • Hybris Commerce will interface with backend systems, third party systems and SAP cloud platform
  • The asynchronous integrations will be enabled via Hybris Data Hub
  • Hybris Data Hub is a powerful data integration and staging platform; it facilitates the loading of large amounts of data from one or more sources, and then processes the data and prepares it for delivery to Hybris Commerce
  • The synchronous integrations will be enabled via Web Service/Https based APIs


  • Wide range of B2B Omni-channel capabilities
  • Holistic customer experience across all channels
  • Single portal set-up for employees, customers and partners
  • Multi-channel publishing system (Hybris WCMS) enables easy maintenance of websites, both transactional and non-transactional parts of sites
  • Real time customer sales (Hybris Assistive Service Module – ASM) and services support
  • Omni-channel framework provides both physically shoulder-to-shoulder, in-store, and virtually online
  • Nearly 40 Seamless System Integrations
  • Managed High Customer / Partner Traffic to Portal 10000 page views per hour
  • Agile Architecture to support Business needs in future


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