Superior Customer Experience (CX)

Leveraging Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Commerce), and SAP CRM to deliver better customer experiences.


About Customer

Our customer is a leading dental equipment manufacturer and supplier (headquarters: USA), with factories in 10 countries and operations in more than 118 countries. Our customer – develops, manufactures, and markets comprehensive solutions offering dental and oral health care products.


Factories in 10 countries and operations in more than 118 countries!
How can the globalization model be developed, run customized promotions, personalize products view based on user location, restrict users, and what not? How can every customer touchpoint with the brand be mapped to deliver a seamless experience? Can the brand make sure every interaction with the company is meaningful and memorable so the ultimate goal to build a customer-centric organization is achieved?

With Techouts’ assistance, customer launched a completely redesigned website for the market that is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. The digital transformation approach we suggested made it easy for their partners and buyers to interact with the company, order products online, and have a mobile app to deliver omnichannel engagement.

Systems that are customized by Techouts and provided business support:

SAP + AEM: Developing, Customizing and Implementing

Enterprise-level systems like SAP Commerce Cloud, AEM, Analytics, Target and CRM, and middleware systems like BizTalk, additional CX systems like AI-based Chatbot, and product development related to pricing and promotions engine. Apart from customizing these systems, we have also decided to incorporate microservices developed for each system and design integration touchpoints.

Customizing AEM and SAP Commerce Cloud B2B

All the products are categorized and APIs are developed using REST architecture for the entire array of available products and product lines. We have developed a microservice to call these APIs from AEM, based on various personalizing parameters so that users can be restricted to certain categories if they are from a different country.

Globalization: AEM + SAP Commerce Cloud B2B

In order to achieve AEM and SAP Commerce Cloud integration, we have designed to leverage templates from both systems. AEM templates are developed based on template customization on SAP Hybris. We made sure this solution is designed to be user-friendly for content administrators and provides an ease to call the desired categories, and customized promotions based on user location and purchased history.
We have used AEM advanced geo store approach, journey tracking from Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target to finally push the personalized content.

Single Sign on (SSO) development

With disparate systems ranging from AEM, SAP Hybris to downstream systems like Analytics and personalizing engines from a completely different platform, we have developed a single sign-on (SSO) system to provide users unified access and easiness of authoring / administrating these systems.

For our clients who have a wide system and target millions of customers, we always suggest having an SSO developed, so as to simplify administrators’ touchpoints.

We have also migrated user accounts and loyalty enhancements were done resulting in a flawless transformation of processes to enterprise-ready digital systems.

SAP Commerce Cloud B2B customizations: The eCommerce engine

SAP Commerce Cloud is the core system developed and customized to connect with the various systems. We call it the heart of the entire transactional journey.

Visibility restriction parameters were incorporated to limit product visibility based on the levels these users are subscribed to and the geography. Integrating SSO using SAML and providing login access to the Hybris system, an entire Azure policy was created and customized.

SAP Commerce Cloud enablement

We have enabled marketplace – our client has partners who sell their products directly through our client’s B2B website.

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Being an SAP Hybris Silver Implementation partner, Techouts takes the agile, customer-centric approach to deliver effective and easy to use solutions for clients. Our deep knowledge of the SAP Hybris Commerce solutions and best-in-class opensource expertise with an emphasis on user Experience enables us to deliver actionable insight to our clients at a fraction of the software and deployment cost. Our Adobe certified professionals leverages our monitoring, technical support, and maintenance expertise for all AEM implementations and integrations to create more personalized digital experiences across channels including web, mobile, social, and others.

We further assist you with merchandising, master data management, order management, and every other eCommerce need with our Hybris Commerce and AEM integration expertise to transition from the traditional to headless commerce. This expertise has helped our clients get a 360-degree customer view, the ability to present their products and services in the most favourable light, and deliver a consistent cross-channel shopping experience to their users.

With deep B2B and B2C domain expertise, our experts deliver scalable and extensible eCommerce solutions to chart your journey towards eCommerce success.

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