AEM + Magento

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Magento Commerce

This case focuses on legacy systems of our client and how AEM was implemented and integrated with these systems and eCommerce Platform – Magento, to provide seamless experience to customers.

About Client

Our Client is an international IT talent transformation company, providing IT education and skill development services;

They offer various solutions pertaining to learning interface with the support of cloud and in-class infrastructure. One of the largest education providers in the area of IT IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) across Asia and Africa and have more than 200+ learning centres across the Globe. They also provide enterprise level information technologies education and training to corporate clients.

Key Business Scenario

As one of the leading IT Education and skill development services provider, our client has customized plans for Individuals, Enterprises and Training Institutes and built different systems for each users.

Say, an enterprise wants to have a Learning Management System (LMS), where employees of that particular company can login and access all the training courses and get certified. Our Client provides LMS infrastructure to that enterprise.

In such way, a training institute can leverage a mentor for their additional training courses, again it is a different system; and an individual can also subscribe for these online trainings and get certified.

Unified Infrastructure

Our Client wants to have a unified infrastructure and a B2C portal on top of the legacy systems.

Client’s Legacy systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS): Build on Azure and .Net Based Framework

Virtual Labs: VMWare Hosting, Python based, Dynamic Virtual Machines, Hardware Management

Training Certifications: Java based and self-hosted, to manage Certifications, Conduct quizs/surveys and highly customizable as per user requirement.

Mentor on Demand: Based on Zoom, Skype and WebEx meeting room concept, which supports Virtual Mentors, Online Meetings and Monitoring Tools

Key developments

Magento: Developing a headless commerce system on Magento

Magento + AEM: Integrated the headless commerce with AEM for seamless data flow between the systems

Microservices: Customer legacy systems were integrated with Magento using microservices

PHP Microservices: Since Magento is on PHP, our team has developed micro services based on PHP and integrated the same with AEM

SSO: Leveraging the microservices, Single sign-on functionality was developed to provide users a unified access to all systems.

Azure DevOps Automation for CI and CD

AA,Target and Campaign: End-to-end implementation and integration of Adobe Marketing Cloud products such as Analytics, Campaign and Target


A Single B2C Platform and powerful marketing platform was developed leveraging the data from legacy systems and integration of these systems with platform, making user experience seamless.

Fully Analytics ready and personalized content marketing systems for Targeted Audience and Experience

Campaign orchestration by utilizing analytics

Unified eCommerce platform that pulls data from legacy systems, integrated with headless commerce (AEM), Target and Analytics

Enterprise grade develop, deliver, train and support Model

Services and solutions provided to the Client: Implementation of AEM, Magento and Adobe Marketing Cloud from scratch.

UX/UI services

AEM implementation

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Customization services

Data base migration services

Magento implementation

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System Integration services

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