Adobe Digital Experience Platform

Adobe DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is basically an integrated set of core technologies including Adobe Experience Manager which is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms, Adobe Analytics which puts industry-leading data into customizable visualizations that drive better marketing decisions and Adobe Target that integrates with Analytics & creates reports that can be used for making marketing offers and personalization. The essential objective is to support the creation, management, delivery, and optimization of customized digital customer experiences (DCXs).

About Client:

Our client is one of America’s most famous dental equipment manufacturers for more than a century and has set a global standard for dental manufacturing, technology development, digital treatment, and clinical education.

Key Business Scenario:

Until a few years ago, our client continued its history of primarily offering products through a direct mail catalog. While this legacy is impressive and helps with brand recognition, its core customer base had an average age of 70. As there was no shared company vision and creative marketing teams were struggling to work together, clients’ competitors started stealing market share with their high-end digitalized technology. This made our clients think about digitalizing their business. We had a detailed examination of the business data and realized that it is due in part to aging technology and marketing tactics.

The Digital transformation Solutions:

With the help of Adobe, we were able to be a part of our client’s enormous business transformation with the primary goal of delivering more powerful customer experiences with greater agility in their B2B business. Techouts team guided them to move past their traditional catalog model and deliver dynamic experiences across direct mail, web, and email. Our goal was to create an integrated platform for an improved shopping experience online and in physical stores.

AEM assets helped us create consistency across the catalog, website, and retail stores by aligning messaging, photography, and product campaigns. To achieve this transformation, we helped our client to see the value in adopting a single suite of solutions and leveraged Adobe applications including AEM, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud for content creation.

Adobe’s asset management tools played a key role in the company’s transformation. The client received an early release of Adobe Asset Link which simplified collaborating on assets for our creative and marketing teams. They appreciated our ability to quickly manage assets across applications such as their eCommerce application designing with the personalized customer experience and true personalization through organized assets via AEM, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target.


At first, the client wanted to be reliant on a single platform that can do everything. They wanted the flexibility to easily integrate other technologies into the stack.
Integrating the client’s legacy system with the present digital world without affecting the brand name and the loyal customers was a challenging task.

Key MarTech systems leveraged:

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Target
Adobe I/O


Using AEM, we’ve implemented a single global blueprint for the globalization of the application.

Implemented country-specific services and language translation to render data on the website and leveraged a concept of MSDM to handle the content for the multiple sites and implemented globalization model seamlessly.

We induced a generic dispatcher configuration to allow end-users to access sites seamlessly. Region-specific registration, login implementation, and authentication via Azure ADS were also a part.

With Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, we were able to identify the overall conversion rate of the customer in terms of registration, purchases, and search history.

The implementation was done for various pixels using the Adobe launch (Branch, Google, Facebook, Resultiks)

For personalized customer experience, campaign integrations were done with Adobe Analytics for systems like Eloqua, Resulticks
Personalization for customers based on integrations from backend services & Analytics data.

The Adobe I/O had made it very easy for our team to produce solutions based on Adobe products and implement Hybris, AI, Marketing Automation to achieve Serverless –> Scaling, Faster, No Downtime, (100ms) –> Tools SDK

Making shopping experiences more customised and relevant with exceptional digital customer experience has drawn newer and younger shoppers to the brand, fulfilling a major goal. The technique of finding and deploying assets is 100 times faster and it takes just minutes rather than hours. With Techouts’ customised services, our client has a feeling that they have reached the “promised land,” and are set up for success for years and years ahead.

Techouts played a vital role in the client’s digitisation project. Our client can now quickly and easily create and deliver content to address an early warm spell in all the US regions at a moment’s notice. Besides that, they have seen additional positive results including improved efficiencies, higher conversions, and more satisfied shoppers with the digitalized customer experience.

The years of expertise Techouts holds in AEM, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target have helped us integrate business-leading marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce solutions on a cloud platform along with 24/7/365 services and support. We offer you seamless integration of Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics in your AEM platform that enables you to create an unparalleled digital experience.