Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics for a fashion and apparel retailer



Our Client is a leading fashion and apparels company with 74 stores and an online e-store. They want to determine the reason behind the 40% decrease on mobile revenue.


We have integrated adobe analytics by partnering with our client and the first step was to verify that it wasn’t simply an analytics implementation issue, resulting in inaccurate reporting. By comparing Adobe Analytics data with their backend sales data, our experts were able to determine that the revenue data was accurate.

We have started to determine if the problem was related to external (marketing) or internal (website challenges) factors. With the help of audit of their marketing channels, such as organic search, affiliate marketing, product reviews, social media, and paid search, our experts determined the problem to be website related.
By completing a funnel analysis, we were able to identify several macro-level issues that led to an increase in abandoned carts such as

Cart items getting deleted from the cart after logout making it difficult to use.
Then with the implementation of Adobe analytics customer journey was monitored and our client was able to handle the above issues.



Techouts as an Adobe solution and implementation partner, have helped enterprises optimize business use of Adobe Analytics. Supported end users’ team for effective utilization of Adobe Analytics for deriving accurate customer insights and journey. And paved a path for personalized ads and promotional campaigns’ to customers.