Middleware Integration


Our Client provides a loyalty program for their customers who shop both offline and online. Their Offline channels include more than 150 stores across the country. They also have online channels like mobile apps, mobile site and desktop site. In Order to integrate their both offline and online channels to their cloud based Loyalty program, they needed to find an integration platform which could handle the complexity and volume of transactions.


A selection of an integration Framework which fits the following Criteria

  • A framework helps implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns, such as Splitter or Content Based Router, in order to integrate applications in a standard-ized way
  • A framework that is well suited to integrate different applications with different protocols and techNologies, and concepts such as endpoints, producer, consumer and EIPs are used to create the integration logic
  • A framework consists of a set of ordinary libraries and is therefore compatible with any development environment, even a classic text editor
  • A framework with that is 100% open source with lot of community support
  • High performance in production systems
  • Complete SOA platform
  • Production ready


After a through comparison and research using an open source integration platform called WSO2, Techouts offered complete solution required.


SI Features WSO2 MULE ESB (Community edition)
1 Supports enterprise integration patterns Yes Yes
2 Delivers all required ESB features(i.e. web services, message transformation, protocol mediation, content routing) Yes Yes
3 Offers a complete and cohesive SOA platform(i.e. esb, message broker, governance registry, business process server, data services server, application server) Yes No
4 Community support Less Very good
5 ESB development GUI Yes Yes
6 End to end SOA governance Yes No
7 cloud integration platform offering (iPAAS) Yes Yes
8 Cloud connectors and legacy adapters Yes Yes
9 HA ready (failover and load balancing built-in) Yes No
10 Performance High Community edition low compared to wso2.
11 Upgrade - minimum cost for support from vendor 25000 USD for 25hrs consulting 32000 USD per year(for dual core machine)
12 Upgrade benefits Only consulting Comes with integrated monitoring, performance and other GUI

Tools Used

  • Regression Testing: Techouts Automation Tool built on Selenium using Hybrid Framework
  • SOAP UI: In order to perform both SOAP & REST services testing
  • JMeter: Used for performance testing of web application and APIs
  • JIRA: Used for defect reporting
  • Zephyr: Used for Test Management
  • OWASP ZAP: Used for web application security testing

Results / Benefits

With clear segregation of roles in using application, entire process of authoring, sharing, delivering reports has been streamlined. Both OLAP repository and BIRT repository are integrated to AD (active directory) directory services and currently serving as one stop enterprise report repository.


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