After refined work on the successful fulfillment of an order placed by customers, the most significant activity is to deliver the post-purchase experience. Undoubtedly, we are aware of the factors contributing to the engagement of the audience on a digital commerce platform, now we also need to emphasize bettering the post-order performance of an eCommerce system.

And, to make it right, it is required to make the entire Order Management System perform flawlessly with advanced features, targeting remarkable customer experience and resolving their unpredictable issues.

Upgrade OMS approach focusing on customer experience:

With significant growth in the online shopping market over the last few years, basic OMS features are now no longer on-trend. OMS, being the most vital asset of an entire eCommerce system, involves a huge part of the investment and human resources of the company. Therefore, the system needs to be updated and upgraded with the retailer’s every new need, for better execution.

Advanced Order Management System targets newer eCommerce trends and its implementation improves customer satisfaction. It also helps during order complexities and is a big help to resolve issues concerned with sales.

When a basic OMS takes care of end-to-end order placement to the fulfillment journey, Advanced OMS will help your business analyze customer pain points from a deeper and different perspective.

For example;

Say, a customer places an order in an eCommerce website, using basic process of adding a product into the cart and checking out through the payment gateway. Next phase of the work is; Shipping team will buckle up together to deliver the ordered product to the customer.

Here might come some situations mentioned below, where using Advanced Order Management System could be a big relief;

• What if the product is available in the warehouse, but is damaged?
• What response to give to the customer in that case?
• Can the product be shipped from somewhere else or should the team wait for a replaced product or should you notify the customer about unexpected last-minute cancellation?
• Above everything else, will it give the right purchase experience to the customer?

Definitely, No.

Well, any eCommerce business may encounter such stumbling blocks to reaching up to their customers’ expectations. An, advanced Order Management System can efficiently resolve such post-order muddle
without any hassle in a very organized manner.

Here’s how an advanced OMS can be helpful:

Stay updated with instantaneous inventory updates: Say, a customer sees a product available on the website but while adding to the cart, a beep alert comes as “product out of stock”. Such a miserable experience. Isn’t it?
An unsynchronized inventory management could end up with a lot of miscoordination between teams in the inventory department. Hence, you need to seamlessly integrate the inventory management with the
warehouse which will help the shipping team to know if the product ordered by the customer is good to go or not. In short, before the customer places an order, the inventory management in the channel must get a notification about customer needs, so that they can further confirm the product’s availability in the warehouse.

Strategize extraordinary order fulfillment: By raising customer demands to get their product delivered within an hour or in a day or two, which is also referred as express delivery in eCommerce terms, has created a competitive vibe among eCommerce enterprises. Advanced OMS enables extraordinary order fulfillment where the customer gets its product delivered within a promised date without any back-and-forth hassle.

Making payment a painless process: It brings a lot of headaches when you have your desired product in your cart ready to be checked out but stuck at the payment. Poor performing payment page with limited options for customers to make the payment could be a huge obstacle where the business might lose a potential customer. So, make sure to integrate the checkout page with various payment options like,
UPI, cards, wallet, EMI, pay later, cash on delivery, and so on allow customers to process the payment without any glitch.

Faultless return and exchange experience: Some customers expect to get another product in exchange for one product they already ordered or an instant refund to the wallet upon product cancellation or
return. Using advanced OMS, most the renowned eCommerce enterprises have already incorporated such customer-satisfying features in their digital platform, where they get to sell their product and make
their customers happy at the same time.

Able to handle multiple marketplaces using a single system: Using a basic OMS to handle a brand in multiple marketplaces could be a tricky task for retailers, if the features added to the system are not
updated. Retailers can easily manage their order management in different marketplaces effectively if the marketplace concerned is equipped with an advanced Order Management System. Integrating the
back end of the brand and the advanced OMS of the marketplace will be convenient and productive altogether.

Summing up:
We all know that the three integral parts of any eCommerce are the customer, the product, and services offered by the business, and the full-fledged achievement of forging peerless customer experience.
Hence the main motto of advanced Order Management systems is to expedite the growth of eCommerce by integrating all the aforementioned aspects of any eCommerce business. Instead of sticking to the basic OMS, it is beneficial to upgrade your digital commerce with advanced OMS which in turn will help you accelerate revenue generation and establish a strong bond between your brand and your loyal customers.

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