SAP Hybris Commerce is an Omni-channel and customer engagement e-commerce solution with end-to-end integrated tools and capacities that provide a full-featured, modern commerce platform to support significant personalization, customizations, accelerators, extensions, and integration in addition to the added custom and third-party API services.

Continuous Integration and CI/CD:

Automated testing, incremental development, and continuous deployment are handled with the support of the CD pipeline. This process helps to have a unified team and flourishing productivity, providing benefits of automation, integration, and CD to businesses. Concerting these systems can streamline software design to enable faster deployments and release processes.

CI / CD Using Hybris Framework and open source automation tool – Jenkins

    • Continuous integration using Jenkins performance allows building and testing the software developed.
    • Integration can be done using source control with build systems and through plugins based on the requirement.
    • Target deployment machine nodes can be added easily
    • Using Selenium, automated test scripts can be executed
    • Zoho, Jira, Jazz report failed Test cases in the defect tracking tool
    • Tickets can be resolved by the development team, and the continuous integration cycle can be re-run
    • Continuous Development automates the build, deployment, and testing process, thereby reducing the dependency on physical resources

Continuous Integration:

Continuous Integration focuses on the controlled integration of any change that is created in a collaborative software project into a common repository. It is a software development practice that allows the members of a team to integrate their work frequently. In general, integration is done every day at least once by each person – which leads to multiple integrations per day.

Pros of CI / CD

    • Risk-free:

CI / CD does not get rid of the bugs but it does make it dramatically easier to remove by finding them. It’s rather like a self-testing code. If we introduce a bug and detect it quickly, it’s far easier to get rid of it.

    • Swift Deployments:

CI / CD removes one of the biggest barriers to frequent deployment. Frequent deployment is valuable as it allows business users to acquire new features rapidly, to give further rapid feedback on the features, and generally become more collaborative in the development cycle.

    • Continuous Delivery:

In Continuous Delivery, the software is built in a way that the new features in the software can be released to production at any time. It is accomplished by continuously integrating the software built by the development team, building executables, and running automated tests on those executables to detect problems.

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