The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a set of Adobe products that makes it easier for marketers to manage their marketing efforts. One of those products is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which serves the purpose of creating and managing digital customer experiences across multiple channels including the web, mobile apps, and communities.
At Techouts, we love AEM and we have numerous reasons why. Although we can list hundreds of gems and excellent features, we would like to present the AEM DAM that stands out and is lovely to use, considering a large enterprise.

Central hub DAM with AEM:

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform provides you a central hub for organizing, storing, and retrieving rich media. AEM Sites offer the abilities to create web pages and AEM Assets in the DAM system that supplies the required assets for websites.

Digital Asset Management System, commonly referred to as the “DAM” is one of Adobe Experience Manager’s core features. As a domain, DAM isn’t unique to AEM. Adobe has rather implemented an enterprise-class DAM system that can serve as a stand-alone solution, apart from all the WCM features. However, what makes Adobe’s DAM solution stand out and particularly relevant is how deeply integrated it is with the rest of the AEM platform. The DAM is an essential piece within AEM for integrating the creative interests of designers and artists, and the digital marketing concerns of content managers and web-driven revenue generation.

The specialty of the DAM platform lies in its additional features such as the dragging and dropping of assets. Furthermore, editors can operate on an extensive set of information per asset, including copyright data and numerous other metadata properties. One remarkably dominant feature is the automatic creation of web renditions, triggered when an asset is uploaded. We believe the DAM makes the process of editing and publishing assets quite intuitive and easy.

AEM now provides the capability to use assets from a connected DAM which runs in a completely different AEM instance.

In a large scale industry, there may be two AEM instances running in parallel. A typical scenario where this happens is when one instance is used as an AEM Site Author, executed by the AEM Site Team, while the second instance is used by the creative unit to store assets, referred to as Assets Author instance. The connected DAM allows site authors to search, drag & drop, save, and publish assets directly even though the asset is on a different instance. It also facilitates access from remote AEM assets’ instance for them.

It grants unified, easy-to-use access to all owned assets, no matter where they are stored. This works best for a growing number of businesses that need a central, standalone DAM with AEM Assets.

DAM features in AEM

For Marketing Team:

With the help of DAM in AEM, it’s easy to accelerate feedback and revision cycles. Campaigns, channels, and devices’ content consistency will improve. Based on how assets are moved from creation to approval to campaign delivery, this process is organized and controlled.

Measure Assets’ Performance:

To reveal performance, metrics like CTR and impression analytics are integrated with the help of the DAM platform, so as to know which version of the asset is engaging the audience.

For a better ROI:

To launch your campaigns effective and faster, you need to have the right tools in place, low costs associated with repurchasing lost assets and file-search delays, and improved campaign conversion results that contribute value.

For effective rising content needs:

For AEM Assets, duplicating every characteristic is not needed for features like size or color, for pushing out content variations. Content versioning and delivery at scale are improved by this.

Why a DAM platform ?

You will be able to deliver unlimited variations with a single set of the asset with the help of DAM platform at ease. This serves rich-media optimized for any screen dynamically. The scalability is driven by AI and asset search ability will be on your wish list.

Benefits of a DAM:

Businesses evolved from storing the digital assets on network folders to online drives and eventually to more robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms. DAM became a central point for all digital assets, irrespective of the client’s industry.

  • Enterprise DAM platforms, such as the AEM DAM supports clients not only with storage, but also with robust finding/retrieval capabilities, combined with Artificial Intelligence (Adobe Sensei) and out-of-box as well as customizable workflows, marketing platform integrations, and robust tagging capabilities.
  • DAM enhances the overall team efficiency and helps in cutting down on admin, design, and production costs, by streamlining approval processes and improving asset reuse.
  • At this moment in time, Digital Asset Management Implementation has become a critical part of all major companies willing to keep a synchronized workflow among their marketing, creative, or IT teams.

Managing your assets with a DAM platform:

  • Increase creative and business team’s efficiency:

Faster workflow can be acquired for collaborators, reviewers, and external teams when a platform provides a common set of repositories and robust metadata capabilities for file retrieval.

  • Permissions control and stronger rights:

    Digital rights to collaborators can be assigned, by which they will stay informed on using and viewing your files and you can know exactly who is accessing them.

  • Tighter version control in teams:

    Relationships between Original assets and subsequent versions can be tracked, a high level of control can be maintained and the latest approved digital assets’ delivery is ensured.

  • Can work with assets anywhere:

    The assets can be linked, shared, or contrarily distributed globally to any device, providing previews for quick access and allowing collaborators and reviewers to find assets using metadata, workflows, and more.

AEM DAM delivers innovation that enables marketers & IT professionals to collaborate on the rapid delivery of the personalized brand experience. The features help you deliver the right content, to the right audience at the right time with a better customer experience. Techouts, besides being a leading Adobe implementation partner, can be your technology partner for digitally-driven success with AEM DAM. We bring a diverse team of experienced designers and developers that are strongly committed to excellence in AEM implementations, offering solutions to a variety of clients across every industry vertical.

Make smart decisions with respect to your platform integration and implementation needs. Let’s get talking! Reach out to us at

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