Adobe Experience Manager is a large-scale web content management system that is currently available from Adobe Systems. It is the successor brand name of a previous product called Communiqué (short: CQ).

In the recently published Gartner Magic quadrant for Web Content Management, AEM is termed as a leader 8 th time in the row in the WCM / CMS segment. Download the report here. The latest version – AEM 6.5 is available since April 8, 2019.

This enterprise level tool is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, and could be procured individual. Adobe Experience Cloud is the leading product in the marketing Technologies, which can deliver seamless personalized and AI based experience to customers. It consists of web analytics, campaign automation, data management platform, personalized content targeting. These products seamlessly integrate with AEM to provide wow experiences to customers.

With this kind of portfolio, Adobe touch virtually any content that is being created and deliver exceptional digital experiences. They bring together strong design and publishing leadership, along with an expertise in data insights through their digital marketing business becoming a natural partner for companies that want to become experience businesses. Adobe has large partner base across the world who are capable of implementing and customizing AEM to suit specific business needs.

Dedicated AEM Development

Managing a tons of web data is a herculean task for any organization, and having AEM to manage web data and information provides luxury of class, like a platform where the data could be managed with ease.

Say a retail enterprise has presence across the globe and sells to wide group of audiences. They might be having different divisions, departments, vendors, partners and in-house employees to manage stock and send updates to their customers. The enterprise must have set up operations in each and every country to target their customer base to provide continual services and cater to their needs. And there might be a centralized planning department to determine new revenue streams and want to customize the action plans specific to each country, and in some cases to certain city. There might be tax reforms, political changes, new retail policy in act, what not? It is a herculean task to have all the users informed and ultimately continual services to customers are to be provided.

All these chaos could stop a company from expanding to newer market segments and multi-nation? This is where an enterprise tool could be leveraged and can cater to wide users. Using AEM, any number of instances could be created, say for a city you want to have a specific web experience and for another city a different one. A website for customers, and another for partners and other one for employees. All these could be done using AEM, and could be manged from a single development centre. You want to have this system hosted in a single premise or multiple, and customized to each department and segregate owners for publishing content. It can be done.

Marketing teams could get their campaign up and running with ease, operations team could send a newsletter and publish the same to a set of audience. AEM nonetheless the best content management system with high security, scalability and agility. Having a dedicated AEM development centre for enterprises saves a lot of money ensuring higher ROI compared to the effort resources will be handling to manage the huge lumps of data. Eventually, an effective way of resources management, and efficient way to cater to customers, resulting new revenue streams.

AEM has been widely used by enterprises and proven that with a dedicated development centre could be managed, producing a powerful tool for web data and information management and catering to wide audience.

As an Adobe solution partner, Techouts has been helping enterprises adapt AEM as a CMS tool and setting up dedicated development centre that could save implementation cost up to 40%. Techouts AEM innovation and Development centre organize workshops for enterprises in optimizing existing AEM setup and optimum utilization of the tool in terms of spend and provide ROI statistics.

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Developing an AEM strategy for web and mobile is incredibly important, but can be challenging. As an Adobe solution partner, Techouts is the best AEM development company and the team are experts in banking, Insurance, travel, telecom, retail, education, media & publishing and OEM industries. At Techouts,we are able to use AEM to ensure we provide the solutions our clients need to their web and mobile problems. We can adapt the latest technologies to your business so they are not only customer-friendly but progressive and optimized to meet your sales goals. Techouts AEM innovation and Development centre organize workshops for enterprises in optimizing existing AEM setup and optimum utilization of the tool in terms of spend and provide ROI statistics. Techouts work with businesses of all sizes and operate around the globe, so don’t miss out on the digital transformation revolution and contact a member of our expert team at today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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