Create, co-ordinate and deliver dynamic campaigns to your customers

Businesses are in a spree to generate new leads and engage their current customers as well. But businesses should be double sure in using a significant digital marketing technology to aim the right person at right time with a right content.

According to a recent survey across US the white-collar worker spends on an average of more than three hours each day reading their Email. So Email is a major and effective source to reach the customer with highest success rate. Worthy cross channel campaigns are built on email.

What would be the best Tool for executing flawless campaign automation?

Adobe Campaign is the leading campaign automation tool in the industry, which supports companies to use rich customer data to co-ordinate, create, and deliver dynamic campaigns as per customers actually want, through various ways such as email, mobile, Online, off-line channels and in-app notifications. Adobe Campaign allows you to see the whole picture of the customer journey to know customers and how they behave and get to you, cross-channel campaigns talks to customers when and where they want.

Adobe Campaign has the below features which helps to build your business by integrating digital marketing technology and generate 200% more leads when compared to other modes.

Email Management:

With the help of Email management feature in Adobe Campaign you will have access to integrate AI-Powered Emails, dynamic content, email creation, email deliverability, email reporting, email testing, multilingual emails, and triggered emails to your customers along with personalised content as per customer wants.

Cross-channel Marketing:

With the help of Adobe Campaign customer data from different systems, devices and channels, can be integrated into a single profile to deliver timely and relevant campaigns that meet your customers in the right places and right ways along the customer journey with Campaign management, Campaign reporting, Direct mail, Offer management, Preference centres, Mobile marketing which Launches, measures and automates campaigns across every channel.

Segmentation and Targeting:

Not all audience segments have the same needs or bring the same value. Adobe Campaign helps you to use data to understand your unique customer segments and then craft the best campaigns to make meaningful connections with each one using Adobe Analytics Integration, Audience Segmentation, Customer Profiles, Data Connectors and Federated Data Access.

With wide variety of features and high scalability for deploying either on cloud or self-hosting environment, Adobe Campaign, is the most advanced and widely used campaign automation tool by enterprises.

Techouts as an Adobe solution partner, has implemented Adobe Campaign for retail, banking, insurance, education and eCommerce companies and provided microservices such as integrating with CRMs, CMS and Web Analytics tools. Reach us at to learn more about How Adobe Campaign could be leveraged for effective campaign orchestration and customizing it for your specific business needs.

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