Life At Techouts

Definitive roadmap and determined training to employees’ to suit for the position has been the core strength of Techouts.

Techouts believe complex resources monitoring processes doesn’t yield much results. Strict basic principles of employee-employer relation, providing suitable programs and setting-up processes for effective communication achieves mutual growth. This pedagogy of ours indeed paved path for our employees to advance in their career and lead to experience the latest technologies at very early stage in the career. We structure and build our empire based on trust and commitment and consider employees and clients as mere moral fibre of our progress.

Techouts Partnership

  • SAP Silver Implementation Partner
  • Adobe Implementation Partner
  • Confluent Solution Partner
  • IBM Business Partner
  • AWS Partner
  • Microsoft partner

Industries Served

Retail, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Media and Publishing, Education, Travel and Tourism, OEM and Real Estate.

Work life at Techouts

We have developed a refreshing and great themes to engage with our resources professional journey at Techouts

  • Industry standard HR automation tool is accessible to all the employees to view updates on employee welfare programs, company’s plans and directory for effective communication and to know the reporting structure
  • We also believe in having fun at work is part of everyone’s professional journey. It might be a festival or birthday, we encourage employees take time away from their desks for the celebrations, and extracurricular activities.
  • Activities such as get-togethers, outdoor sports, team outings are all part of work life at Techouts.