Quality Assurance plays a vital role in IT systems, to ensure the newest solutions and uninterrupted services to end users. At Techouts, QA is all about setting standards and achieving milestones regularly throughout project durations. We go the extra mile to ensure that the service we deliver is absolutely best in class.

One of our clients with a large B2B and B2C travel system, reached out to us for their quality assurance requirements. To begin with, it was a small requirement needing only 4 QA engineers and a manager. Our ability to successfully deliver on time and our processed approach has resulted in an ongoing project of 50 QA resources as the client started channelling all their QA needs to Techouts.

The Requirement

End to end User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The Challenges Involved

    • Very tight deadlines: The client wanted delivery within a very small timeframe and the challenge was one of staffing the project on time and also ensuring that the quality of deliverables was not compromised in order to meet the deadline
    • Multiple Unstable blockers not resolved within required timeframes threatened to cause slippages in the timelines Training new joiners : A large number of resources were onboarded in a short time and they had to be brought up to speed about the project requirements without losing too much time

How Techouts did it

Techouts’ project delivery method is customizable based on client needs. In this particular project, we deployed half of our QA resources at the client location. The rest were to work from Techouts’ premises. This onsite and offsite delivery method substantially increased the team’s performance and pace of project delivery.

On boarding resources based on client requirements

In view of the increased requirements, we decided to on board a team of 25-30 Test Engineers and came up with a recruiting plan to achieve the target as soon as possible.

Techouts’ HR team scheduled interviews on weekends as well as weekdays to accommodate candidates who could not come in on a weekday

As a result of this concerted effort, 22 resources were successfully onboarded in four weeks’ time and continued to onboard based on growing requirements with client.

Onsite/offsite Team management

The onsite team took proactive measures to understand client requirements and participated in daily scrum calls with the offsite team. The offsite team trained the new recruits to help them contribute to the project effectively. Employee engagement programs such as ‘work and play‘ and performance rewards were conducted so as to facilitate new joiners interaction with rest of the team.

Performance Monitoring

Peer review and audits were conducted regularly to ensure optimum performance. Recognition awards to those who identified the most bugs and the most crucial bug further motivated the team to deliver quality performance..


Despite the numerous challenges over the course of the project, the Techouts team was able to leverage the 20+ years of experience of our QA leaders to overcome all obstacles and deliver quality work on time. As a result, the client was extremely impressed and channelled all their QA requirements our way. Techouts is now the strategic QA partner to the client with a team of more than 50 experts working both offsite and onsite. The two teams are led by a project services manager each. Our VP of delivery oversees the entire effort.

About Techouts

Techouts is a global business technology solution provider, helping organizations adapt to the latest technologies. We progressively add certified professionals and technology savants to extend our expertise in reimagining the future of businesses across industries. We provide technology and solutions on platforms such as SAP, Open-source, Microsoft, Mobility and Cloud. The Centre of Excellence for Quality Engineering at Techouts helps new age enterprises implement next generation testing using strategic and result oriented SMART QA practices. We have a deep expertise of cost effective quality frameworks to meet the QA needs of our clients

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