Our Client is one of the leading retail companies in India with 74 stores across India, Our Client has laid their hands on e-commerce platform with Omni channel presence. They want to increase presence outside India and planned to cater the needs of international customers.


Our Client wants to implement International Shipping so that they can deliver the products outside India. Since it is a new implementation, we will face few challenges like:

  • Changes in complete Order process flow
  • Integrations such as PayPal and Courier


1.International shipping enablement for a Product:

A new Boolean attribute “InternationalShippingEnabled” will be added to the Product. If the flag value is set to “true” then the product is considered as international shipping enabled and a domestic product. If the flag value is “false”, then the product is eligible for domestic shipping only.

2. International shipping charges:

A new Boolean attribute “internationalShippingCharges” will be added to the Product. When customer adds this product to the cart, then international shipping charges will be calculated using the price value available in the field and it will be added to the cart delivery charges.

3. User browsing experience:

Delivery countries data should be available in the system so that the customer can select their specific country. Hybris provide a schema to specify delivery countries. A country dropdown will be provided in the home page, so, user can select a specific country for product browsing. On country selection page, system will store the selected country value in the user session and will use the same country throughout the user session. If the customer selects the country other than India, system will consider it as international browsing and user can only see the International shipping enabled products while browsing.

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