SAP Customer Experience Portfolio

SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP Hybris Commerce)

Based on the ability of SAP Hybris Commerce to support both B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models and, global and scalable commerce implementations, Gartner termed SAP Hybris as a Leader. Customers reported extremely high overall satisfaction with both SAP and its SAP Hybris digital platform as it can be utilized in multiple vertical industries.

Using SAP Hybris, we can provide an exceptional experience to customers when they buy from you. With SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, organizations can meet the expectations and deliver great experiences that wins customer loyalty.

SAP Marketing Cloud (SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud)

SAP Marketing Cloud helps companies understand their customers and become more efficiently engaged with them across all channels and touchpoints.

It combines tracked data online and offline (CRM), and helps to develop insights and dynamic 360-degree customer profiles that help enterprises to easily provide more contextual, customized experiences – leading to a better user experience and ultimately increased conversions.

This MarTech platform seamlessly integrates with SAP HANA and SAP Hybris Commerce. Integrating with SAP Hybris CRM and behavioural marketing analysis, Hybris Marketing covers all the necessary categories for any good target audience identification and marketing planning.

Leveraging the platform, we have instrumented large and complex eCommerce and Marketing implementations, which are live and operational.

Our offerings

Implementation - End-to-end implementation of Hybris B2B, B2C and B2B2C including industry related accelerators adaption

Migration - Integration with your existing systems to maximum reuse of data and migration from existing systems to Hybris platform

Integration with ERPs - Our standalone service for integration of existing ERP, payment gateway, loyalty and other 3rd party systems with Hybris will help enterprises seamless data flow

New features and version upgrading - Upgrading to latest Hybris versions and data migration; industry specific accelerators and new features adaption to the existing platform

Data management - Marketing efforts for data management, segmentation, customer acquisition, planning and analytics

24X7 support and maintenance - Managed services to provide 24X7 support in solving all the tickets requested based on priority and maintenance support during peak customer hits