A leading retail company has recently moved from physical stores to e-store and also launched a mobile application in February 2016; with this transformation first phase of Omni-channel strategy was implemented. Further we helped our client incorporating Marketplace to centralize the system and manage Marketplace orders proficiently.


Our Client uses BrownTape as an aggregator for its Market place orders but there are a lot of manual processes for which the client is spending money, time and resource, thus our client wants to have a centralised system to manage the Marketplace orders. Also, we need to implement pagination to fetch orders page by page when there are more orders.


Brown Tape is a third party service provider providing Restful Web API to manage orders on Marketplace. We have Integrated Brown Tape services with e-commerce to import/track orders from Marketplace. Easily pluggable extension was created based on ecommerce platform architecture. This extension will provide a top level JAVA API to import and update orders. Internally, it is implemented to consume Browntape Web API to perform required task:

  • Import orders created between two timestamps
  • Import orders by orderId
  • Import orders modified between two timestamps
  • Update orders status by orderId
Sourcing and fulfilment process is going to be customized to allocate and fulfil the order.

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