Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have web pages load quickly on mobile devices. It also provide web developers a straight forward option to create web pages on varied platforms.


One of our clients has facing a lot of performance issues in terms of page loads and DOM manipulations at the front-end of a web application. These issues are due to large JavaScript content (written and including third party libraries). In general, this can be done by optimizing the page loads and removing/changing existing code. With AMP, we can produce the fast loading web pages by converting the mobile web pages to AMP.


As per our client’s pain point on web pages load performance, we had proposed AMP and created their homepage with AMP, redirecting the user to that web page if the channel is mobile. We used AMP components to implement the existing functionality from mobile site. There are guidelines and rulesets from AMP like no JavaScript, external links are allowed and CSS content shouldn't exceed the limited size. By restricting the JavaScript and improper coding, AMP has achieved good performance in terms of web pages loading and SEO.

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