Our client uses OLAP technology to organize enterprise database and support business intelligence. Microsoft Excel OLAP analysis tool is used to retrieve OLAP data, and display as pivot table report. Also Eclipse BIRT(Business Intelligence Reporting tool) is used for various reporting and data visualization needs.


With the current approach of using client based applications (BIRT report designer, Microsoft Excel), sharing of reports securely turned out to be blocker. Though Eclipse BIRT provides standalone BIRT runtime viewer, which enables web based viewing, but lacks security because any user can view data after knowing report access link. The current process involves authoring reports and emailing reports/link, which adds unnecessary layer to current sharing and security issues.


Secured web based OLAP analysis and BIRT Report viewer has been delivered. This allows users to connect to any OLAP data source and display OLAP data as pivot table report or pivot chart report securely. OLAP repository supports drill down, drill through, sort, and more with powerful formatting support based on MDX independent expression language. BIRT report viewer support following operations securely using BIRT Report Engine API.

  • Discover set of parameters defined for report
  • Get default values of parameters
  • Run report to produce HTML, Word, XLS, PDF, PS, ODT, ODS, ODP outputs
  • Pagination
  • Fetch an image or chart for a report
  • Export report data to CSV
  • Retrieve table of contents, bookmarks, etc.
Sourcing and fulfilment process is going to be customized to allocate and fulfil the order.

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