About the Client

The Client is a leading insurance company founded in 1946 to provide quality fire insurance to federation members. They offer an excellent array of insurance coverage including life, property, and automobile and are known for superior customer service.

Key Business Challenges

  • Improper utilization of in-house tools
  • Huge costs being incurred on test infrastructure
  • Most of the testing was being done using manual processes
  • Frequent code deployment and no tools in place for Version Controlling, Continuous Integration and Deployment.
  • Unavailability of depending systems (3rd party / Under developing systems) was a critical hurdle for the Test life cycle.
  • Inability to locate bugs / defects in the early stages of the SDLC was proving costly both in terms of efforts and money.

Results and Benefits

  • Implemented an end-to-end DevOps dashboard.
  • Provided production support for Enterprise Information Management system.
  • Followed Dual Shift Approach – Shift left (Test Early, Test Less) with a vision on the right
  • Engineering led end-to-end automation
  • Implemented Continuous Integration framework for continuous Testing, Continuous Development, and Continuous Delivery.
  • Conducted manual and automated testing of customer’s Insurance Portal, Rating engine, Guidewire, Legacy Integration with Guidewire and Legacy data conversion.
  • Detected and fixed bugs earlier in the cycle.
  • Provided On-Demand Environment through Techouts Partner Eco System.
  • Improved the usability of the mobile app which increased the traffic by 45%
  • . ƒ Reduced human intervention by over 30% due to Continuous Integration
  • Enhanced usability of consumer applications with strategic business process testing
  • Reduced costs otherwise incurred due to usage of expensive transaction-based external interface