A content management system (CMS) allows us to create, edit, manage and maintain website pages on a single interface. Companies can build sites for their clients using a CMS with relative ease. A CMS allows non-technical users to create functional pages, upload and modify content without needing programming skills.

Putting in place a robust and efficient CMS is a resource heavy and time consuming activity, even as a suitable CMS implementation can result in better business opportunities. To ensure efficient and targeted content creation, editing and management, it is imperative to select a content management system that is a good fit for the business requirements.

Experts estimated worldwide mobile eCommerce sales by 2021 will account for almost three-quarters of all eCommerce sales, indicating that for all companies with an online sales presence, the future is almost certainly mobile.

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a bonus to a website, it is becoming a necessity. With advancements in technology, consumers expect to be able to receive the best user experience possible anywhere and on any device. Failing to create a mobile-friendly website is accepting a higher drop-off and failed conversion rate.

When developing a travel or retail website, user experience, or UX, often becomes a secondary consideration as websites are often structured to best benefit the website owner, rather than the user.

UX relates to how easy and enjoyable a website is to use by an end-user or consumer. From how easily information can be accessed to load times on pages, every small detail of a website contributes to UX, which is why creating a positive UX requires numerous tests and multi-level refinements.

Quality Assurance plays a vital role in IT systems, to ensure the newest solutions and uninterrupted services to end users. At Techouts, QA is all about setting standards and achieving milestones regularly throughout project durations.

One of our clients with a large B2B and B2C travel system, reached out to us for their quality assurance requirements. To begin with, it was a small requirement needing only 4 QA engineers and a manager. Our ability to successfully deliver on time and our processed approach has resulted in an ongoing project of 50 QA resources as the client started channelling all their QA needs to Techouts

Organizations are shifting to analytics for predicting outcomes and drawing out statistical data for a better decision-making process. While investing in multiple analytic tools, the prime focus is on turning customer interactions into insight at a lower operational cost.

Even after two decades of digitization, analytics remain the heart of the corporation’s decision making where technologies are swoon with both hands. In all this time Adobe Analytics has emerged in the top list of campaigns, telecommunications, and delivers exceptional digital experiences. The good tackles that fall under the Adobe analytics capabilities include Actionable Web Analytics.

Ever had a thought that you are capturing a heap of data but fail how to dig out gold from the ore. Ever hovered over the notion that your business’s success depends on better and faster decision making but fail to use the analytics.

Big data is one of the leading digital transformation’s driving forces. Since the dawn of the digital age we need information the moment we click our mouse. There are changes, storages, and new feeds every day and for all these arrangements the rescuer was “Big Data

Techouts as a digital transformational company on the global front helps enterprises adapt to a Digital first strategy. We are a team of experts, specialized in implementing large scale digital transformations.

We partner with large players like SAP, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft to make their products and services available to businesses in their transformation journey. And, our USP is to integrate the solutions offered by our partners with one another using available APIs. And in the not too uncommon situation where APIs are not readily available, we develop custom solutions to integrate various products to ensure a seamless flow of data between them