Our client is one of the largest mobile telecommunications operators based out of Belgium. Innovation in interests of the customer is part of our clients DNA.

Thanks to innovative product principles, our client wants to improve the lives of consumers so that customers can get more out of their subscription


  • The aim of telecommunication marketing is to generate the highest level of revenue from network and strengthen customer loyalty
  • In consumer markets, focus on selling bundles of products to customers
  • Top up online
  • In business sectors, aim to build strong relationships as a channel for marketing additional services

BusinessLines - Data Plans, Call Plans, Devices

Bundles - Call + Data Plans, Device + Plans, Top up online, Pay bills online


We have initially started engagement with AEM Implementation. Since UX/UI is already in place, it took a total of 4 months for the complete Implementation

We worked in agile mode with 2 weeks sprint cycle with initial sprint consisting of setup and configurations. In Initial sprint, our team also worked in parallel on technical design aspects such as

  • Templates
  • Components
  • Dialogues
  • Assests
  • Folder Structure

It is not just our team working on this implementation, even customer content team was also part of the sprints starting from fourth sprint phase. Designing, development of templates, components and dialogues were taken care in first three sprints.

Subsequently from fourth sprint, stitching and backend integration has started in parallel. For the Pages created in sprint ‘n’ and content authoring/publishing + testing done in 'n+1' sprint.

Through agile processed approach our client successfully transformed their existing legacy content management system to Adobe Experience Manager in just 4 months. Post go live we have also provided 24X7 support to our client.