Adobe Campaign


A little over a year from launch, our client is already in the Top 10, and one of the fastest growing, e-commerce companies in Asia.

Offering flexibility in the way you shop, it is a first-of-its-kind Phygital marketplace that serves over one million customers. The journey began online while engaging with the clients in a seamless shopping experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone. Browse the best Indian and international brands across clothes and accessories (watches, bags, shoes, jewellery and more), gadgets and home appliances.


The client had the data sources from various paid 3rd party services to begin with. Collaborating all the data and creating a data model that suite the entire process was the biggest challenge. One of the key values Techouts work on is attention to details and we were able to provide business a perfect data model which now interacts with live data feed coming from the website and app and gets refreshed every hour.

Automated Workflows

One of the unique and important features of using Adobe Campaign is the usage of automated workflows to reach your business goals. Techouts focuses on guiding the business to achieve the goals with minimum efforts. In one of the cases business was facing challenges for sending out customized Push notifications (including tracking id , Amount etc) to the customers based on the status of their order, as this would require a manual effort each time a custom message is created for one particular user. Techouts created a flow which uses the information provided in an excel file to fire the push notification to all the users based on just first name at the same time along with the customized data.