Adobe Analytics


Our Client Provides one stop shop across clothes and accessories (watches, bags, shoes, jewellery and more), gadgets and home appliances.

Primary aim is to provide hassle free service to online customer with the widest range of brands.


Being in e-commerce Industry it’s of utter importance that you know the customer behaviour and the buying pattern; our client knew that they were losing out on a significant amount of revenue as the visits on their Product Details Page is way too less when compared to Products Listing Page (PLP). But did not know what the contributing factors were in the event.

They needed a partner to investigate, provide recommendations, and help them implement a solution to increase the visits on Product Details Page (PDP).


As a first step we checked the implementation of Adobe Analytics on the websites, it wasn’t simply an analytics implementation issue, resulting in less traffic on PDP page. We checked the drop off rate by Implementing field tracking so that we can know where the customer is dropping off.

After thorough analysis we asked the Client to add Similar Products Icon on PLP page so that Customer can see multiple products in one click only; we have implemented the click tracking for similar products icon and were able to see an almost 100% increase in visits on PDP page.

Also, the clicks on similar icon was more than the click on PLP page, our client implemented this solution on all the platforms like Website, Mobile Site and App.